Most Picked & Banned Champions in Worlds 2022

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We will talk about the most picked and banned champions in Worlds 2022 for the entirety of the tournament.

League of Legends Worlds 2022 has been an exciting tournament. The Play-ins stage this year was one of the better ones we have seen in a while, and the Groups Stage was fun to watch. LCK reigned supreme in the 2nd week of the Groups Stage as all four regional teams managed to go through, three being group champions. LPL was not far off with three teams, while LEC got one team through.

The draw later, as we had the teams drawn in for the Quarterfinals. That has created a lot of anticipation for the tournament in the future, like a matchup between T1 and RNG. All the progressed teams have different identities to show and bring to the table. Ultimately, T1 and DRX met in the finals, where DRX emerged victorious in a miracle run of the ages.

With different identities comes the propensity to play a style, and different champions align with different styles. We have seen a lot of new champions’ breakthroughs in Worlds 2022 compared to the Summer Splits, and it has been interesting to see how the meta has developed. With all the teams clashing in a few days’ time, let’s talk about the most picked and banned champions in Worlds 2022.

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Most Picked and Banned Champions

Here is where we will list the champions that have been the most picked and banned champions at Worlds 2022. We will list fifteen champions based on Presence (Picked and Banned) and list them out with win percentages. There have been a total of 127 games in the tournament. Here are the different categories we are putting out for this list

  • Presence: How many times the champion appears in picks and bans.
  • Pick Rate: How many games have the champions been picked with overall games.
  • Ban Rate: How many games have the champions been banned with overall games.
  • Win Percentage: Wins the champion has gotten in games picked.
  • Roled Used In: Roles that the champion has been played in.
NoChampionsPresencePick RateBan RateWin PercentageRoles Used In
1Aatrox98.4%36.8% (46/125)63.2% (79/125)63%Top
2Sejuani83.5%46.2% (49/106)53.8% (57/106)49%Top, Jungle
3Sylas78%50.5% (50/99)49.5% (49/99)66%Mid
4Yuumi78%14.1% (14/99)85.9% (85/99)85.7%Support
5Caitlyn77.2%12.2% (12/98)87.8% (86/98)41.7%AD Carry
6Azir71.7%47.3% (43/91)42.7% (48/91)50%Mid
7Maokai71.7%42.7% (48/91)47.3% (43/91)51.2%Top, Jungle, Support
8Graves65.4%39.8% (33/83)60.2%
9Kalista53.5%36.8% (25/68)63.2% (43/68)40%AD Carry
10Akali52.8%49.3% (33/67)50.7% (34/67)54.5%Mid
11Aphelios49.6%68.3% (43/63)31.7% (20/63)53.5%AD Carry
12Viego44.1%67.9% (38/56)32.1% (18/56)63.2%Jungle
13Lucian44.1%48.2% (27/56)51.8% (29/56)59.3%AD Carry
14Fiora41.7%45.3% (24/53)54.7% (29/53)50%Top
15Viktor38.6%59.2% (29/49)41.8% (20/49)37.9%Mid
Stats obtained from Leaguepedia

Based on the table, a few things conclusions can be drawn. Aatrox has been a high priority since Worlds started, and he remains the best option in the top lane. Kingen winning Finals MVP pretty much proved that point, as Aatrox was the pivotal pick in Games 4 and 5. Besides that, Sejuani remains near the top despite not being played as much in the knockout stage.

Regarding mid-laners, Sylas and Azir became the go-to blind pick champions. In addition, Akali was used as a counter pick into Azir, and Viktor was utilized for the same purpose against Sylas. These four were the most prioritized picks for most of the tournament.

Yuumi and Caitlyn were pretty much permabanned for most of the tournament. Their pick rate pretty much says it all. Due to that, champions like Aphelios, Kalista, and Lucian found a fair number of games to be played in alongside a late resurgence from Varus at the end. No real support champions stood out because there were so many viable supports for the tournament barring Yuumi.

Lastly, the jungle had its ebb and flow for most of the tournament. Sejuani and Maokai were the priority pick at the start, and then teams moved toward Graves and Viego. The meta was varied enough for champions like Lee Sin, Nocturne, Vi, and Hecarim to find games as well, despite them not being in the top 15 list.

Thus, the table illustrates the top 15 champions picked and banned in Worlds 2022 for the entire tournament. Hope this was informative and gives an insight into how varied the Worlds 2022 meta was.

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