How to Get Taliyah Very Cool Emote for Free in League of Legends

Riot Games is offering an emote for free for League of Legends.

The new Riot Client is pushing towards two-factor authentication. Two-factor Authentication, or 2FA, is a way to protect your accounts from getting hacked. It uses codes and sends them to users via email or an authenticator app to ensure no nefarious logins occur.

Accounts being hacked has become a common thing. Thus, many developers have integrated some protection methods for users to protect their accounts. This goes for all types of game applications. Riot is a company that has pushed for it since they launched the Riot Clients and global riot accounts.

With this type of system, players can protect their accounts. We covered in a previous article how to enable two-factor authentication in a riot games account. Riot Games is now pushing players to enable two-factor authentication by offering rewards to incentivize the action. Here is what we know about the reward for League of Legends players.

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How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Riot Games Account

As mentioned earlier, we did an article previously explaining the process of enabling two-factor authentication. In short, the process is as follows:

  1. Log Into Your Riot Games Accounts
  2. Go to your accounts page
  3. Verify your account email
  4. Enable 2FA after verification

After enabling it, the system will send the verification code via email.

What is the Reward for Enabling Two-Factor Authentication for League of Legends?

The reward to unlock from doing 2FA is the Taliyah ‘Very Cool’ Emote. It will be given to all players that enable 2FA or have already done so.

Image Credit: Riot Games

Grab the emote as a reward as soon as possible and protect your account.

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