Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Teams and Bracket

With Worlds 2022 Group Stage wrapping up earlier today, we have the bracket for the Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Stage.

Worlds 2022 Groups wrapped up earlier today with the last games of Group D. Worlds has been a great tournament so far with a lot of surprises such as DRX being first in their group and Top Esports not making it to the Quarterfinals. However, it was a tournament worth watching with a lot of great games to watch.

With that said, we had our draw earlier today as we now know which teams are going to the quarterfinals and are facing off each other. It is a clash of styles against these regions and I can confidently say that this is one of the better Quarterfinals draws in recent history. Let’s talk about which teams made it to the Quarterfinals and how the brackets shaped up.

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Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Teams

Eight teams made their way into the quarterfinals of Worlds 2022. Four of them were the groups champions while the rest were the group runners up. All of the groups had a tiebreaker to decide the seeding so that goes to show how close the tournament has been thus far.

To list the teams out, here are the four group champions of Worlds 2022:

  • Group A Champion: T1
  • Group B Champion: JD Gaming
  • Group C Champion: DRX
  • Group D Champion: GEN.G

Next, here are the four group runners-up for Worlds 2022:

  • Group A Runners-Up: EDward Gaming
  • Group B Runners-Up: DAMWON KIA
  • Group C Runners-Up: Rogue
  • Group D Runners-Up: Royal Never Give Up

As the past years of Worlds Knockouts Stages have gone, we have another LCK and LPL dominated quarterfinals. LCK came out ahead as all four teams qualified and three of them were the group champions. LPL were not far behind with one group champion and two group runners-up. LEC got one representative in for the knockouts stage.

Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Draw Rules

The draw happened earlier today and this is a recap of what the draw rules were. Teams from the same group could not be in the same side of the bracket so they must be slotted to the other side. That has caused some trouble in the past but not this time as we got one of the best possible draws for the Quarterfinals.

Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals Bracket

The overall bracket turned out as follows:

  • Quarterfinals 1: JD Gaming vs Rogue
  • Quarterfinals 2: T1 vs Royal Never Give Up
  • Quarterfinals 3: GEN.G vs DAMWON KIA
  • Quarterfinals 4: DRX vs EDward Gaming

Just looking at the draw, it was the best possible outcome. Many of the teams from the same region are not in the quarterfinals. Although Gen.G and DK got matched up in the bracket early on, it was unavoidable given the number of LCK teams in the tournament. Thus, this is a nice draw and we can expect a lot of great series with some good storylines going into the Quarterfinals.

The schedule for the quarterfinals will be added later so stay tuned for our social media pages and website to know more.

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