League of Legends Eternal Series 2 Coming Out in Patch 12.22

The second edition of the League of Legends Eternal Series is releasing in Patch 12.22

League of Legends has added a lot of extra achievements and such over the years. It started with the mastery tokens, which players could earn with good performances. That took off as players started to grind to achieve those masteries.

Later on, Riot introduced Eternals to League of Legends. Eternals became an achievement system that succeeded the previous stat tracker in the game. Now it shows the stats as feats you accomplish with a specific champion. This includes a variety of statistics, such as takedowns or hitting champions with an ability.

Eternals now come in two series, the Starter Series and Series 1. The Starter Series typically features takedowns, structures destroyed, and epic monsters killed, and it is common for all champions but tracked separately. Series 1 is a lot more specialized toward champions. As mentioned earlier, it keys in on the usage of abilities on champions and such.

That said, Eternals is a neat way to track stats on a champion. Thus, Riot has decided to expand on the system as Eternals Series 2 is set to release in Patch 12.22. Here is what we know.

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LoL Eternal Series 2

The Eternal Series 2 is set to release in League of Legends Patch 12.22, as per Riot Rovient’s tweet.

The tweet is responding to a thread asking about Eternals Series 2. In the past, a Reddit post also talked about more data mined to come in the future.

This will be a good addition to give the players more achievements for their favorite champions. It will also incentivize them to play better as well. Here’s to hoping Eternals Series 2 comes out in Patch 12.22 as planned.

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