League of Legends New Champion Briar: Abilities, Release Date, and More

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Image Credit: Riot Games

League of Legends is getting its latest champion, Briar, out soon in Patch 13.18.

Naafiri came out a few patches back in League of Legends as Riot is preparing for another release. Briar is set to come out in Patch 13.18, as we will be getting a new jungler in the game. It was mentioned a long time back that Briar would be a “hangry jungler.”

Since then, we have had quite a few teasers for Briar. A lot of the content has been leaked, including the in-game teasers Riot prepared. Riot has also said that Briar will not be available for Worlds 2023.

Now, Riot is set to release Briar soon, and there are rumors that she will also get a Street Demon skin. With all that said, here is what we know about Briar as Riot revealed the champion.

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Briar Abilities

The abilities have been officially revealed in this article. Here they are as follows.

Passive – Crimson Curse

Briar has no base health regeneration, and her abilities cost health to cast. Instead, she heals based on Missing Health and deals stacking bleed damage (physical) to enemies. A portion of that pre-mitigation damage heals Briar. Also, healing is increased based on Missing Health.

Q – Head Rush

It will be a jumping ability similar to Viego, except it will shred Armor from the target. This can target any unit but prioritizes champions. She can stop prioritizing champions if she casts her Q on a minion or monster while in Blood Frenzy.

W – Blood Frenzy/Snack Attack

Blood Frenzy

The first activation of Briar’s W leaps her to a location and taunts herself to the nearest enemy that prioritizes champions for a brief time. She gains bonus Movement and Attack Speed and also deals splash physical damage around her target.

Snack Attack

Briar can recast her W to do Snack Attack, where she empowers her next attack. The next attack deals Missing Health damage and heals Briar for a large percentage of said damage dealt.

E – Chilling Scream

Briar drops Blood Frenzy and starts channeling a line ability. During charging, she gains damage reduction and restores health.

After Charging, she uses a line AoE where she deals damage based on the amount of time spent channeling the ability. She also applies slows to enemies hit. If she fully charges her E, she instead deals the maximum damage, knocks back enemies, and stuns them if they hit a wall.

R – Certain Death

Briar kicks a line ability (global range) at a target and marks the enemy. She then dashes into the enemy, dealing damage and fearing every other enemy around the target. After this, she enters an Empowered Frenzy and will be in such a state until she or her target dies. She gains Armor, Magic Resist, and additional Movement Speed during the Empowered Frenzy.


Base Splash Art

Briar Splash Art
Image Credit: Riot Games

Street Demon Briar

This skin does not have a revealed Splash Art yet, but we should get it soon.

Release Date

Briar is set to come out in Patch 13.18. So expect to get her September 14, 2023, and onwards.

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