League of Legends New Champion Milio Lore Explained

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After revealing the upcoming champion Milio, Riot has also released fascinating lore relating to the champion and his surrounding.

In 2022 during the preseason 2023 roadmap video, Riot teased three upcoming champions. They are K’Sante, Darkin Assassin (Nafiri), and the Ixtali Male Enchanter. Later at the end of 2022, Riot released the season 13 roadmap video. And in that video, they revealed that the Ixtali Enchanter’s real name is Milio.

Moreover, they did not reveal much during the season 13 roadmap video. But they did mention that the enchanter would use his fire powers to heal his allies. Besides gameplay, they did tease some information about his lore.

However, recently Riot has finally officially revealed Milio. They have also released Universe Page lores, including his letters which he calls “Milio’s Super-Special Adventure Report.

Milio, The Gentle Flame, is an enchanter champion hailing from Ixtal. Since Ixtal is a region known for its elemental magic, Milio’s elemental magic is fire. But he uses the fire not to cause destruction but to heal his allies.

His lore is unique compared to some of the champions released recently. The main reason is that Milio’s lore shows not only his backstory but also his family and even Ixtal in general. While we did dive into his lore slightly during the original teaser, now is the time we analyze the lore deeper.

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League of Legends: Milio Lore

Ixtal Background

Before we look at Milio and his story, we must take a look at Ixtal and its background. Ixtal was originally part of the Shuriman empire. However, because of the Void War and later the Darkin War, Ixtal thought that Runeterra could not survive if such calamities continued. Because of it, they distanced themselves from their neighbors and isolated themselves using the jungle nearby and their elemental magic. And Ixtali calls their elemental magic Axiom.

In the center of Ixtal, there is Ixaocan, the capital city. Moreover, inside Ixaocan lies one of the central legislatures of the region, Yun Tal Cast. And since Yun Tal Cast is among the highest positions in Ixtal, many people want to join them. But to join them, one must become an elemental master. And a person can become an elemental master by overcoming the challenges of the Vidalion. A Vidalion is an ancient artifact that can create a physical object using magic. And to complete this challenge, one must weave an Elemental Robe.

Before Milio

The story of Milio starts a couple of generations before his birth with his grandmother Lupé and her twin sister Luné. Both are elemental masters with different affinities. Milio’s grandmother Lupé mastered earth magic, and Luné mastered fire. Since both were able to complete the Vidalion, they ended up joining Yun Tal.

However, Luné, the elemental fire mage, started plotting against Yun Tal. But after she was caught plotting against the legislatures, both sisters were convicted. Lupé, Milio’s grandmother, was exiled. But Luné ended up going missing. Additionally, she has also lost Lupé’s trust.

Milio’s Early Age

Around the time Milio was born, his family had already moved to a new village. While they were not living as comfortably as before, they still tried to make the best of their new life for Milio. And for him, his early life was paradise. He found laughter, love, and everything there.

While the rest of Milio’s family failed to develop elements naturally, Milio showed promise. Because of it, Lupé tried to teach him axiomata. But he struggled to grasp the rules and rigidity of the discipline. Because of it, Lupé gave up hope, abandoning Milio’s teachings.

Milio, however, did not abandon hope. He went beyond his grandmother’s teaching. He began to study nature itself and created his own set of rules. Eventually, he learned the element that Lupé didn’t teach him, fire.

Milio’s Axiom Awakening

While Milio was still questioning the nature of fire, he found a village hunter who was injured and unable to move. Milio desperately used his fire axiom to keep her stable, but it was useless. Since the village healer was far away, he conjured his fire axiom into something that could heal.

After turning his fire into a healing item, he could feel her soul, which he calls “inner flame.” Additionally, he could feel this inner flame within him and in everything around him. Focusing all of his energy on that feeling, Milio manifested a creature. That creature was small and timid, with wide, friendly eyes. Then he placed that creature on the hunter’s wound and healed her from the inside out. And that night, Milio discovered a new axiom he affectionately calls “soothing fire.” Moreover, he later named his creature “Fuemigo.”

Afterward, he returned home, joyfully showing his family what he had done. In front of his family, he manifested another Fuemigo. Seeing it, his family celebrated, except his grandmother Lupé, who was unsettled by this achievement.

However, seeing Milio’s mastery over Axiomata, Lupé knew he could do something his family failed to do. And that is to end his family’s exile and return them to Ixtal’s ruling caste. Despite concerns, Milio became Lupé’s sole focus as she nurtured his skills and abilities. She prepared him for one day he could leave home, travel to Ixaocan, and free Lupé from the burden that Luné had created.

But for Milio, it was a huge burden. Since the home is all he ever knew his entire life, leaving it terrified him. But Milio loved his family more than anything. And he would find the courage to leave the village if it meant ensuring his family’s happiness.

For his journey, Milio and Lupé made a unique backpack which he calls “Furnasita.” Inside this Furnasita, he could keep his ever-burning Fuemigos safe. And then, at only 12 years old, Milio left his village with a heavy heart and a wide smile.

Milio’s Adventure

Since then, Milio has traveled almost the entirety of Ixtal. Alongside traveling, he also met new people and made new friends. He camped underneath the stars, foraging to Ixaocan while sending letters home detailing his adventures.

After a long journey, Milio made his way to Ixaocan. Then he started training to challenge the Vidalion. Because of his unique powers, Milio had caught many people’s eyes, including Luné, who was imprisoned beneath the city, biding her time. Even Milio notices the whispering that accompanies the city. But for now, his sole focus is to join Yun Tal and make his family proud.

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