How to See Stats in Counter-Strike 2

Mahir Faisal
By Mahir Faisal
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You can see in-depth stats of your Counter-Strike 2 matches, including K/D, ADR, win percentage, and more. Here’s how.

Counter-Strike 2 is VALVE’s latest addition to the fan-favorite 5v5 competitive shooter. CS2 is currently accessible as a free beta update of CS: GO. Utilizing the new Source 2 engine, this demanding update has put the classic shooter on par with modern-day games.

CS2 offers sub-tick servers, volumetric smoke, which responds to the environment, better lighting and environment rendering, and many more things to make the game feel new. However, the core mechanics of the old Counter-Strike are still there.

CS:GO previously introduced a new rating-based matchmaking called “Premier,” which has now been carried over to CS2. Players can now enjoy Mirage-only rank or try out their skills in the Premier settings.

Note: The in-game match sharing code or demo is currently unavailable. So you may not be able to see your match stats. After it becomes accessible again, you will be able to see your stats following this procedure. For more information check this article.

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How to See Stats in Counter-Strike 2

You cannot check your previous matches’ stats in CS2 through the game. It is very common for games like CS2 and VALORANT to not show up these stats in the in-game menu. However, you can use this site,, to check your match history and other statistics.

The site will need access to your Steam profile, and it will fetch data from your CS2 matches. You will get an overview of the K/D ratio, headshot percentage, ADR, win rate, and much more.

Stats in Counter-Strike 2

There is much more! Check the tabs on the left for detailed statistics.

You can get a detailed history of the weapon you use the most, which you are best with, and which is not for you.

Stats in Counter-Strike 2

The Maps tab will show you the data of your win percentage on various maps.

Stats in Counter-Strike 2

The matches tab will show you previous match histories.

You can choose your desired match and click on View Match. This will explicitly show the match history with Rounds Breakdown, heatmaps, Duels details, and many more. Also, you can download your match demo.

Stats in Counter-Strike 2

How to login

Follow these steps to log in to

  1. Go to the website
  2. Sign in with your Steam ID.
  3. You will be asked for an authorization code. Select Get your game authentication code. This will redirect you to a Steam page.
  4. From the next page, select Create authentication code under Access to your match history.
  5. You will get an authentication code from Steam. Copy the code and paste it into the site. Now go to the CS 2 tab to check your game stats.

There you go. Following this process, you can check your match history and many more details in CS 2. Moreover, You might also wish to download your desired game’s demo in CS 2. For the demo download process, check this article.

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