The infamous Michael Jackson peek is back again in Counter-Strike 2

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Valve

The Michael Jackson peek has returned. And it is very easy to replicate.

The CS community’s most-awaited Counter-Strike 2 update came out on September 27, 2023. Despite months-long beta tests, the game came out with lots of bugs and glitches. The fact that Counter-Strike 2 was no longer a fairy tale excited the community, but the optimization and cheating issues caused players to have second thoughts about the game’s premature release.

Among all the bugs and glitches, the Michael Jackson peek might be the funniest thing to happen to Counter-Strike 2. Nevertheless, you know how the Counter-Strike fans are. Instead of getting pissed at the annoying bug, everyone started to make memories over it and it grew to become the most popular meme of the early Counter-Strike 2 days.

MJ peek

The Michael Jackson peek became so hilarious that even Valve joined in on the fun and updated their Twitter banner, tributing the smooth criminal move until it was fixed later on December 12, 2023.

Smooth Criminal Peek is Back!

After getting some well-needed rest, the smooth criminal returned to Counter-Strike 2. If you stand next to a wall and press ‘W + SHIFT,’ your legs will be pinned down to the ground, and you can make a smooth criminal move to surprise your enemies.

The move is not as strong as before, as you get really slow when you are doing the Michael Jackson peek. However, you can still surprise your enemies if you do it at the right moment.

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