Cannot Download Match Demo in Counter-Strike 2: Match Demo has Expired

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Valve

If you are having issues downloading your match demos, don’t worry. Everyone is facing the same “match demo has expired” error.

Valve has released the long-awaited sequel to Global Offensive and players have taken quick steps to learn the core gameplay of their favorite FPS once again. The demo viewer is an important tool if you want to learn from your own tapes and gameplay. Rewinding your match and finding your mistakes is the best way you can improve yourself.

CS2 also has the same demo viewer feature. Unfortunately, if you go to Your Matches and try to download one of your match demos, you’ll be greeted with an “Match Demo has expired and is no longer available for download” error. Thankfully, there is nothing to worry about, as Valve has temporarily disabled this feature.

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Why am I Seeing the “Match Demo Has Expired” Error?

On September 28, Valve announced in their patch notes that demo recording had been temporarily disabled. This was done to increase server capacity and allow more players to play on Valve Matchmaking and Premier Servers.

“Disabled CSTV and demo recording temporarily to increase server availability so more people can play.”

Match Demo Has Expired
credit: valve

This is why your match demos are expired. In reality, there are no demos being recorded on Valve servers at this moment. While Global Offensive didn’t have such issues, it had a large community server player base. CS2 currently doesn’t have the same support, so the loads on valve servers have dramatically increased.

Similarly, Leetify has announced that no match results or data will be recorded as there are no demos to extract from.

Counter-Strike 2: Match Demo has Expired
Credit: leetify

When Can You Download Your Match Demo Again?

Valve hasn’t communicated when they will resume demo downloading. The heavy load on their servers since the release of CS2 can justify why they have disabled match recording temporarily. However, demos are an integral part of Counter-Strike and should return soon. We expect demo recordings to resume by the end of the month as Valve catches up on providing more servers and rolling out more patches.

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