God of War: Ragnarok – How to Find Ydalir Timber

Keep reading to find out where to find Ydalir Timber in God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok is the fifth installment in Santa Monica Studio’s God of War franchise that continues Kratos and Atreus’s adventures. The action-adventure game is packed with RPG elements like leveling up your skill tree, upgrading your weapons, and enhancing your armor, along with many other features.

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Since God of War: Ragnarok is based on Norse mythology, you’ll be battling many mythical creatures and gods. Having said that, it is important to strengthen your weapons so that they last against tougher opponents and can take down even gods.

And as expected, crafting and upgrading your weapons requires sourcing different materials. One of the many crafting materials in God of War: Ragnarok is Ydalir Timber. This resource is primarily used for upgrading Atreus’s bows, such as the Aesir Bow, the Jotnar Bow, and the Talon Bow.

How to Find Ydalir Timber in God Of War: Ragnarok

How to Find Ydalir Timber in God Of War: Ragnarok
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

Since Ydalir Timber is mainly used for upgrading Atreus’s weapons, you can find this resource when you defeat enemies or loot chests while playing as Atreus. It is important to search the areas thoroughly and open every chest you can find during Atreus’s story missions.

Most notably, you’ll score yourself some Ydalir Timber when playing chapters such as The Lost Sanctuary and Unleashing Hel. During these chapters, try to loot every coffin and red chest you can find. You might also have some luck finding Ydalir Timber lying on the ground.

Having said that, you may not find this resource when playing Kratos’s story sections, so you may miss out on finding this resource if you don’t explore around enough as Atreus.

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