Apex Legends Season 8 Early Patch Notes

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn has already revealed a considerable amount of information regarding what they have in store for players in the upcoming season 8 of Apex Legends.

They already revealed the new character ‘Fuse‘ who will be making his debut in the Apex games alongside a new weapon called the ’30-30 Repeater’. The usual new seasonal battle pass and rank changes have also been revealed.

Right now, the only thing that Respawn is still keeping close to their chest is probably all the meta-shifting character buffs, nerfs, and reworks they have planned out for the new season. Usually, Respawn reveals its patch notes at the same time as it releases its new seasonal content.

Apex season 8 patch notes
Image via Respawn

Based on all the comments developers have made so far, we can try to speculate what kind of character changes might occur with season 8 of Apex Legends. The first one that probably comes to mind is how they are going to react to Horizon.

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Horizon Nerfs

Horizon recently passed Wraith in pure win rate after she was introduced in season 7. Her superior mobility, paired with her passive ability, immediately caught the attention of Apex aficionados. In the mid-season fight night event update, she even received some nerfs for her tactical cooldown.

However, after the nerf, her win rate actually went up. Even the developers were baffled by the absurdity of the situation. Having said all that, Respawn developers still hinted that she might get nerfed in season 8.

Rampart Changes

As of now, Rampart is one of those legends who is in dire need of some love from Respawn. While her defensive abilities could come in handy at later stages of the game, the time it takes to actually set up her defensive wall is just not that good for a fast-paced shooter like Apex.

Even the developers at Respawn believe she needs some buffs. But they also think that even with all the changes that they have in mind for her in season 8, it might still not be enough for her.

Octane Buff Confirmed

Octane is in a pretty good place right now in season 7, as of writing. His popularity among Apex fans is in a really good place where he doesn’t feel underappreciated. However, some players feel Octane still requires a bit more to truly come alive.

Respawn developers have already confirmed that Octane will be getting some sort of buff related to his jump pad in season 8.

Loba to Get a Variable Tactical Cooldown

Even though Loba might not receive the variable cooldown similar to Pathfinder at the start of season 8, the developers have assured players that it is not entirely off the table.

Besides these changes, other character-related changes are still a mystery as of this writing. While many Pathfinder players are eagerly waiting for another set of buffs for this friendly Robot, the devs have not revealed their intentions yet.

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The same can also be said about other legends like Wraith, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Mirage, Crypto, etc. We will figure out their exact plans on February 2nd when they reveal the actual patch notes for season 8. Until then, these are the only confirmed character changes, but they may still be subject to change.

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