Apex Legends season 8 introduces ‘Gold Magazines’ with autoloader perk

Respawn just revealed what they have in store for players in the upcoming season 8 of Apex Legends.

Alongside the announcement of a new legend called ‘Fuse‘ with larger than life personality, a bombastic battle pass called ‘Mayhem‘, a new stylistic lever-action weapon nicknamed ‘The 30-30 Repeater‘, a newly revamped Kings Canyon map, this time Respawn also introduced a new attachment called the ‘Gold Magazines’.

Based on what we can see from the season 8 gameplay trailer, it seems like this attachment is made for LMG users in mind. This gold magazine attachment will have the same magazine capacity as its purple counterpart but it will also come with an additional autoloader perk.

Gold Magazine in Apex season 8

Apex Legends Gold Magazines
Image via Respawn

From the trailer, it seems like this attachment may be compatible with LMGs like Spitfire. The trailer further showcases this attachment’s prowess by decimating an entire squad while not having to reload even once.

In past, seasons Respawn introduced new hop-up attachments that would usually attach to your weapon and provide additional perks. This is the first time Respawn introduced an attachment in the form of an actual magazine instead of a hop-up.

As of writing, it is still not certain whether Respawn would remove some of the hop-ups that currently exists within the loot pool to make space for this new one as they tend to vault different hop-up each time to make room for a new one.