Apex Legends dev confirms Octane is finally getting some buffs with the jump pad in season 8

Octane mains have been enjoying a wonderful time with their “speedy boi” in this current season 7 of Apex Legends.

Despite being severely underpowered for a long time, many diehard players instantly became a fan of this speedster when he was first announced back in season 1. In the current season, Octane is enjoying a pretty decent pick rate mainly due to some slight buffs.

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Turns out, Respawn has some plans for Octane in the upcoming season 8 of Apex Legends which is currently under a lot of playtesting. A fan asked one of the devs at Respawn if they are going to enable the bug that let Octane players jump slightly higher using the jump pad as it was recently patched out in season 7.

Octane buff season 8
Image via Respawn

A possible Octane buff in season 8

In reply, Jason McCord who is the design director at Respawn Entertainment said, they want to bring back the feature but with some extra twist. Apparently, they are currently working on something for all of those Octane mains out there.

According to Jason, these new changes should be available to the players in season 8. If the playtesting result bears some fruit, there is a good possibility Octane might get some extra buffs revolving around his jump pads.

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Even though the exact nature of this jump pad related buff has not been revealed by Respawn, the mere possibility of such a buff is exciting for Octane players. We shall wait and see what Respawn has been playtesting for season 8.

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