Apex Legends: Horizon Dethroned Wraith in Win Rate, a Nerf is Likely on the Way

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

It finally happened, as Wraith is no longer number 1 regarding pure win rate in Apex Legends.

Since release, Wraith has dominated the top of every chart in terms of both win rate and pick rate. Other than maybe Pathfinder, she was and still is a very popular legend among the player base. Even after her rework back in season 5, she still retained her position as the most popular character in the game.

However, she finally has a real contender for the throne of the most popular character in the game. In season 7, Respawn released Horizon as their latest legend. According to Respawn, they intentionally released Horizon in a strong but not overpowering way.

In the past, many players in the community shared their frustrations about a new legend being released in an underwhelming state. To somewhat remedy this, Respawn apparently released Horizon in what they believe to be a really strong way.

Following her release, she quickly became an instant hit among the player base. And as a result, both her win rate and pick rate started to climb rapidly. Right now, she is number 1 in terms of pure win rate.

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Horizon Nerf is Indeed on the Horizon

It turns out that both Wraith and Horizon’s encounter win rate is neck and neck, according to a Respawn dev. So, it’s naturally time for some change.

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Respawn dev believes Horizon might be next in line for a nerf. However, they still want to maintain the synergy between her passive and tactical abilities to remain powerful. Since a recent Horizon nerf actually increased her win rate, the devs will be testing out how to actually change her kits without making her more potent.

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