Apex Legends dev believes Rampart changes incoming for season 8 may not be enough

Rampart was released back in season 6 of Apex Legends last year. Since then public perception about her capabilities has shifted away from being really good to not that useful in most scenarios.

When Rampart was released in season 6, Respawn experimented by lowering the HP of different armors in the game. Later, they reverted back all the changes for EVO shields as the previous change was not a good fit for Apex.

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During that period, Rampart was actually somewhat viable since players had low HP to begin with. As some time went by, players realized how slow Rampart’s abilities are to cast. As a result, it sometimes becomes useless during real combat.

At the beginning of season 7, Respawn did give Rampart some light buff. But turns out, it is still not enough as most players still feel Rampart is not that effective.

Rampart to get some buff in season 8

When a fan asked if Rampart will get any love from Respawn in season 8, a dev replied that they already have something planned out for her. However, the dev still believes that might still not be enough for her.

Since her abilities can be easily overturned, Respawn is testing out all the changes in a way that doesn’t affect the overall game balance in a negative way. Therefore, the upcoming changes are currently being playtested by the devs.

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The outland’s best gunsmith might finally get some love from Respawn with season 8. However, the exact implementation of these changes is still unannounced as of writing.

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