Apex Legends Fight Night event is plagued with constant crashes and slow-motion bug

Since the release of the most anticipated Fight Night event, the amount of server crashes increased. And at the same time, the infamous slow-motion bug also became a pressing issue in Apex Legends.

Respawn started the new year with a bang with the launch of the Fight Night event which was originally inspired by all those players who loved to invite other players into a fair boxing fight. Seeing all those funny clips on the web, Respawn decided to make a game mode that would make it easier for players to initiate a fistfight.

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However, following the launch of the game mode, players quickly discovered a bug that let them use their weapons in the fighting zone where weapons weren’t supposed to work, Respawn later fixed the issue. Furthermore, players also started to experience more and more server related issues that resulted in constant crashes.

The cherry on top was definitely the return of the slow-motion bug that practically affects the whole server and makes everything really slow. Also, cheaters are still causing havoc.

Slow-motion bug reappears

Many content creators and players have shared their frustration regarding the situation on their preferred social media platforms. These issues are seriously overshadowing an amusing update.

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