A ‘no-fill’ option is coming to Apex Legends fairly soon, confirmed by a dev

Apex Legends players have been asking for a solos only mode for the game for a long time now.

Respawn did give players a chance to play as a solo in a limited-time game mode back in 2019. But later refused to add it as a permanent game mode because at the very core Apex Legends is still a team-focused game.

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According to Respawn, a ‘solo’ only game mode is just not healthy for the game. Instead of solos, players then asked Respawn for a ‘no-fill’ option while queuing for a match. Meaning they want to drop as a complete solo character without a team.

A ‘No-fill’ option is confirmed

In response, developers at Respawn assured players that they are already working on a ‘no-fill’ option internally and it will arrive really soon. However, it won’t be available at the start of season 8.

Players have long awaited an option to drop as a solo character in the Outlands. This is maybe the closest to that solo experience they are ever going to get. It will be a great fit for players who don’t get along with a team and wants to rush a full team all by themselves all the time.

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However, the true Apex Legends experience will always be in trio mode. Although having a ‘no-fill’ option would still be great. A lot of other games in the same genre have experimented with this particular game mode in the past with mixed results.

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