Apex Legends dev suggests Loba might get a variable cooldown on her tactical similar to Pathfinder

Loba has seen some major buffs at the beginning of season 7 and as a result, she is in a pretty good state right now in Apex Legends.

Despite recent positive changes, Loba players want Respawn to add some extra changes to her tactical that should definitely make her more viable. Just like Pathfinder, Loba has a quick reposition ability that makes her quite mobile.

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A player asked a Respawn dev if they ever intend to add a variable cooldown system based on travel distance to Loba’s tactical similar to what they did to Pathfinder. In the past seasons, Pathfinder received some significant changes to its tactical ability. Now a player gets cooldown based on the distance they travel rather than getting a predefined number.

Players are now asking Respawn to add something similar to Loba as sometimes players would accidentally use their tactical and then wait for 30 more seconds to use her tactical teleport ability once again.

Loba tactical cooldown changes

In response, one of the devs at Respawn replied that this could definitely be added to the game. However, right now, Loba is in a really good place, according to the devs. So, they are planning on keeping her mostly unchanged for a short while.

But with future patches, this variable cooldown change might be added. This simple change would be a great quality of life update for Loba players. Although this change doesn’t come without a caveat.

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The change to Pathfinder’s tactical cooldown based on the distance meant the cooldown didn’t restart till they stopped sliding after using their grapple. Which actually added some extra seconds to the overall cooldown time. Hopefully, Respawn won’t make the same error if they make this change to Loba’s tactical ability.