Lord Gaben apparently wants to try out Apex Legends

Gabe Logan Newell or more commonly known as Lord Gaben on the internet has expressed his interest in trying out Apex Legends.

Gabe Newell is a pretty notable figure in the PC gaming industry. His list of accolades includes founding Valve which is responsible for classic titles like Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, Dota, CSGO, and many more genre-defining video games.

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On top of that, he also pioneered the digital distribution of video games with Steam. Suffice to say that his contribution to the gaming industry has been next to none. Furthermore, his role in introducing massive steam sales has made him really popular among PC gaming enthusiasts.

Alongside making industry-defining experiences, he also loves to play video games made by other talented studios around the world since he is an avid gamer himself.

Lord Gaben on Apex Legends

In a recent interview, he expressed his interest in a certain battle royale game with hero shooter elements baked in. Turns out, Gabe really wants to try out Apex Legends as many Valve employees also love this game.

Gabe believes he will enjoy this game and at the same time will learn a lot from that experience as a video game developer. After learning about Gabe’s interest in the title, Respawn immediately invited him for a play session with the design leads and directors at Respawn.

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Apex Legends players are delighted after learning that the Lord of the PC gaming master race has shown interest in their favorite battle royale game.

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