Detailed List Of Damage To Get 10% Ult Charge – Overwatch

A lot of people don't know how ultimates work in Overwatch. Here is a guide on how to get 10% damage on...

Valve adds a new battle pass like update to CS:GO

Valve the publisher behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive decided that it was time to modernize the CS:GO formula and add a...

League of Legends 2020 Confirmed Roster Changes

Here is complete list of League of Legends 2020 confirmed roster changes. Last updated: 22 November 2019 NA

Broxah to join Team Liquid

Broxah leaving Finatic rumor was going for a couple of days and Team Liquid breaked the rumor by tweeting earlier. According to...

Dr disrespect wins big at Esports Awards 2019

Dr disrespect just won streamer of the year again. Yes,it is that time of the year again at Esports awards. Other...

League of Legends Worlds 2019 Stats

With League of Legends worlds 2019 winning the Esports Live Event of the Year and G2 Esports winning the esports team of...

League Of Legends World Location 2020

Riot just after 2019 League Of Legends world final have tweeted about 2020 world location.

FunPlus Phoenix Is 2019 League Of Legends World Champion

Congratulations to FunPlus Phoenix on winning the 2019 World Championship! With dominance performance in...

2018 LOL World Final vs 2019 Superbowl

According to Riftherald lol nearly 100 million fans have viewed lol world championship together estimated 99.6 million viewers.

Svenskeren, Zeyzal To Part Away? Sneaky Comments On C9

According to ESPN Svenskeren, Zeyzal to part away from C9 to join Evil Geniuses. Evil Geniuses have competed for the LCS in its early stage

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China is already doubling down on VALORANT as they have more pro teams than NA, Europe, Brazil and South Korea combined

Riot's first entry into the whole tactical shooter genre has caught the attention of every major region around the world.

Respawn animator revealed how Bangalore’s tactical was inspired by a weapon from Titanfall 2

Moy Parra the principal animator at Respawn Entertainment recently explained how he came up with the design of Bangalore's tactical ability and...

Be a better Siege player with Rainbow Six Siege’s new Gameplan

Rainbow Six Siege has been one of the longest-running FPS games by Ubisoft with over 55 million players registered. Every day new...

Reworked Volibear has one of the lowest win rates after Day 1 in League of Legends history

Volibear's rework hit live servers on patch 10.11 but his day 1 win rate is one of the lowest in the League...