Rainbow Six Siege introduces new Esports Bundles for Ash, Caveira, Rook, and Sledge

Ubisoft has revealed a new set of Rainbow Six Siege Esports Bundles, which will be available for the four operators of Ash, Caveira, Rook, and Sledge.

The new white and gold esports bundle has been released on the Rainbow Six Siege in-game store, and they look as sleek as ever.

The Esports Bundle includes uniforms, headgear, and weapon skins for all four operators mentioned above. While all the other operators get a skin for one primary gun, Ash has received the new “Fervent Fortitude” skins for both her primary weapons – the R4C and G36C.

Players will be able to buy the four operator sets in one single bundle, which will cost 1920 R6 Credits. However, you can also purchase each operator set separately for 960 R6 Credits.

While all these operators have received Pro League bundles, the new set gives this operator a new style than before, and many new players do not own those older skins.

If you have been saving R6 Credits or looking for something to buy, then this new esports bundle might be the one to add to your collection. Additionally, 20% of the proceeds support teams in the R6 Share program, with the rest funding the Rainbow Six Esports Circuit.

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