Rainbow Six Siege Grim Operator Guide: Loadout, Gadget, Tips, and more

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has grown massively over the years. The game has recently stepped onto Year 7 Season 3 with the Operation Brutal Swarm update, which brought a new operator named ‘Grim.’

Grim: the 3-speed, the 1-health operator is the 33rd Attacker to join Team Rainbow. This new operator from Singapore is an intel-gathering Attacker that will be joining Kali’s Nighthaven organization. Grim has a device that launches a projectile that, upon impact, releases a swarm of bots that are able to trace the whereabouts of enemies who have walked through the area.

Grim was released with Y7S3 Operation Vector Glare on September 7th; however, only players with the seasonal battle pass will have early access to use this new operator. But after the two-week exclusive access period is over, you can buy Sens with 25,000 renown or 600 R6 credits. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with this exciting new operator.

Grim Operator Guide


“Get out of my way.”

Growing up in Jurong, Singapore, Keng Boon could often be found in the wilderness learning and practicing the skills he was taught by his survivalist father. At 18, he was conscripted into National Service and thrust into the NDU – Singapore’s elite naval special forces formation. A prime candidate for the Frogman School (FMS), Keng Boon’s endurance and focus assured successful completion of FMS training and advancement to the Clearance Diving Group (CDG).

As part of the Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit (EOD), Keng Boon worked closely with countermeasure platforms. He then attended the SAF Military Intelligence Institute’s School of Army Reconnaissance where, as the “eyes and ears” of the SAF, he was trained to be stealthy, obtain information, and provide accurate and timely intelligence reports. His skills in reconnaissance and security brought Keng Boon to Kali’s attention as a potential Nighthaven agent.

Best Weapon Loadout

Image: Ubisoft
  • Primary Weapon: 552 Commando (Assault Rifle), SG-CQB (Shotgun)
  • Secondary Weapon: P229 (Pistol)
  • Secondary Gadgets: Breach Charge / Claymore
  • Unique ability: KAWAN HIVE LAUNCHER

Grim is equipped with the trusty old 552 Commando, the same Assault Rifle that IQ has in her loadout. The Commando rifle has a highly consistent recoil pattern and a very moderate rate of fire, making it one of the better guns for newcomers. Because the AR has very little horizontal recoil, the flash hider and vertical grip are the best combinations to use. Unfortunately, Grim does not have access to any magnified scopes on this gun, so you can equip any of the 1x sights according to your preference.

If you want to rush the bombsite or play at close ranges, then you can consider bringing the SG-CQB shotgun. However, the Commando assault rifle is the better option for most situations of Rainbow Six Siege since gunfights usually take place at mid to long-range distances. Additionally, the one-shot headshot mechanic can be better taken advantage of using a higher rate of fire weapon.

As his secondary weapon, Grim’s only option is the P229 pistol. While this weapon is not anything special, it can get the job done when you are out of ammo on your primary.

Secondary Gadget

For his secondary gadget, Grim can pick Breach Charge or Claymores. The choice here depends on your game plan and your attacking lineup. If you plan to help your teammates play vertically, then you can pick the Breach Charges to create lines of sight through soft floors and walls. Claymore, on the other hand, is also an excellent choice that will keep you secure against flanking as well as runouts.

Unique Ability

Image: Ubisoft

Grim is bringing his KAWAN HIVE LAUNCHER into Siege’s new unique meta. Using this Hive Launcher, Grim can deploy a cluster of nano-bots that can red-ping any defender who enters its radius. When a projectile lands, it opens and drops a canister onto the ground. The canister then opens, releasing a swarm of micro air vehicles (aka robotic bees) that hover in the area for about 8 seconds. So defenders caught inside this swarm will reveal their positions to all the Attackers in real-time. Even if the defenders leave the radius of the affected area, they will get pinged three times, similar to Jackal’s tracking, before deactivating and falling away. He can carry a total of 5 canisters in his launcher and they can stick to all surfaces on a map.

This gadget is also bullet-proof and melee proof, so defenders cannot destroy it very easily. You would have to use an explosive such as impact grenades or C4 to get rid of it. Grim can shoot the 5 canisters very quickly without needing to reload, making it an effective option to clear out defender utilities such as Jager’s ADS.

Tips and Tricks:

(i) Shoot the canisters on ceilings or floors to remain safe while you are on your launcher.

(ii) Pair Grim with Lion, so even if any defenders move from a swarm, they will get revealed by the lion scan.

(iii) Learn the common anchor spots on the bombsite to swiftly clear out the strong positions.

How to counter Grim?

However, there are some certain counters to this new gadget. First of all, Mute is the biggest counter to Grim. Inside the radius of the Mute Jammer, the canister gets disabled and is unable to release the swarm of bees. As a defender, if you get pinged, you can just run to the area of Mute’s Jammer to prevent your location from being revealed further.

Vigil can also counter Grim, but not as effective as you might expect. When within the area of the bees, Vigil’s location will be revealed, even with his gadget active. However, when you move away from the swarm, the additional pings can be countered using Vigil’s ERC-7 cloak. Additionally, Jager and Wamai can also counter Grim’s projectiles from landing on their targeted spots.

Should you pick Grim?

Grim is an operator who can support your entry fraggers to get the first blood. When playing this operator, you need to be aware of the map and communicate with your team properly to best use his intel-gathering device. You can also use his gadget to prevent your team from getting flanked, but as it only lasts for a few seconds, it is not as reliable as other flank-preventing gadgets like Nomad.

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