LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs Bracket and Teams

The LCK Summer 2022 regular season has wrapped up as we will jump into the playoffs from the 17th of August.

LCK Summer 2022 has been a wild ride with the ebb and flow of many teams. Gen.G stamped themselves as the best team in the LCK thus far, while T1 and DK flip like a switch depending on the day. On the other hand, teams like Liiv SANDBOX and KT Rolster have arisen from the ashes. DRX is the worst team in the playoffs, given their recent run of form. Let’s talk about the teams briefly going into the playoffs and the playoffs bracket on the route to Worlds 2022.

Teams in the Playoffs

As per usual, the top six teams have qualified for the playoffs. Here are the standings as the LCK Summer 2022 Regular Season wrapped yesterday.

GEN.G ends at the top of the standings while T1, LSB, DK, KT, and DRX fall in line from 2nd to 6th, respectively. Ruler and Prince lead the league in POG points, and either of them could likely be Summer MVP.

GEN.G wrapped up a historic regular season for themselves as they ended at a +30 game differential. Despite having that one loss, it was more impressive than the 18-0 record from T1 last split. The fact that Gen.G was so dominant throughout the split was something to behold.

T1 and DK have been the inconsistent teams of the regular season. DK has been the worse of the two, and the addition of Nuguri has not changed much. Of course, it does not help that Canyon and Showmaker were not in the best of form this split. On the other hand, T1 lets many opponents hang around to make certain series competitive. Neither of those series was meant to be competitive with the quality T1 has. That is something T1 has to solve fast for the playoffs.

LSB and KT were the surprises of the split. The introduction of Prince and VicLa to their individual teams has changed their team’s fate. Prince is easily one of the frontrunners for Regular Season MVP, and VicLa has offered another dimension of gameplay to KT. Both these teams will be interesting to watch in the playoffs as they hope to do well and potentially make it to the finals.

DRX is the most underwhelming team of the lot. They started well on the back of good play from Zeka, Beryl, and Deft, but it has turned upside down as the split progressed. Kingen and Zeka are not performing well once more, and Pyosik’s inconsistency is a problem. That is the story of DRX, an extremely inconsistent team that is not quite up to the mark.

LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs Format

The format is the same as last year, in which the top 2 teams get a bye for the first round. In the first round, the #3 seeded team and the #6 seeded team face each other while #4 and #5 do the same. Both of the series are best of fives. For this split, it is LSB vs DRX and DK vs KT. Here is the graphic, courtesy of LCK Global.

The time and date for the series are also given in the tweet above. After Round 1, Gen.G gets to pick their first opponent amongst the two winners of the previous round. Whoever wins the Finals qualifies for the first seed at Worlds 2022, while the team with the highest championship points gets the #2 seed for Worlds.

Any team that loses in the playoffs is not done just yet. The remaining four teams with the highest championship points qualify for the Regionals. With that said, this is the format for LCK Summer 2022 Playoffs.

In Conclusion

The playoffs will be great as LCK has ramped up in competitiveness as the split waned. Liiv SANDBOX and KT Rolster have evolved over the course of the split, and DK has looked better at the end of the split. There are no concerns regarding Gen.G as they have looked the best throughout the split.

The only concerns will be if DK regresses to their old form or if T1 does not fix their consistency issues, or if DRX does not recover from their slump. All signs point to an interesting playoff tournament for the LCK as the playoffs start on the 17th. You wouldn’t want to miss it and see which two teams will secure Worlds first.

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