Riot Increases Dodge Penalties For League of Legends

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot is clamping down on dodgers in League of Legends by increasing the penalties applied to players.

Riot has created a competitive environment in League of Legends as players compete for personal rewards and other parts of the game. The ranked system was upgraded in 2023 when Riot went with a two-ranked split season. Ranked split rewards were also changed and improved as well.

So far, things are going well on that front. Since then, plenty of ranked changes have been done to improve player experience. The LP change from each win or loss has been increased in Patch 13.4. Clash is also returning to League of Legends, as the Bilgewater Cup is set to start soon. That will fuel the competitive fire for the players as well.

Now, we come to Patch 13.5, where we are getting a smaller yet fairly significant change. Dodging in ranked has been a norm as players have tried to get better positions and teams. However, it has gotten rampant that Riot has to change the situation. Thus, LP penalties for dodging are being increased, and here is the following change from Patch 13.5.

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Dodge Penalties Patch 13.5

The Dodge Penalties for Ranked starting from Patch 13.5 is as follows.

  • First dodge: -3 LP ⇒ -5 LP.
  • Subsequent dodges: -10LP ⇒ -15 LP.

This comes on the back of the LP gains and losses increase from Patch 13.4 and fall in line with most of the changes Riot has done to ranked. To note, these dodge numbers are for dodges daily as the penalty timer resets daily. This should discourage players from dodging queues for ranked going forward and help alleviate their frustrations with players.

By Shadman Sabik Zaim Deputy Editor
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