Apex Legends Players are Tired of the Season 15 “Freezing Issues” and Want an Update from Developers

Freezing Issues have been causing players trouble since Season 15 launch. However, the issue is yet to be resolved.

Like every season, Respawn made many several changes in Season 15 Eclipse. A new Legend named Catalyst has entered the game, and players are not too happy with her. Respawn also introduced a new map, Gifting System, Stickers, a new UI, and more.

However, the content also came with a price. With each new season, Apex Legends has developed a pattern of introducing tons of bugs and glitches. A weird Heirloom bug is an example of Season 15’s bugs list.

Among everything, the most annoying case player has been facing this season is the constant freezing issue. It has been more than a week since this issue plagued the Apex Legends community. However, Respawn is yet to release a fix for it.

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Players Demand an Update on “Freezing Issues”

Soon after the launch of Eclipse, countless players reported a weird freezing issue in their game. This has been happening to a huge number of players multiple times during a live gaming session. Unfortunately, there is no other option than restarting the game to solve the issue.

Unlike before, even the community has failed to figure out an actual workaround to resolve the problem. Many players have said that opting into the DX12 beta minimizes the freezing issues. But, for some, it doesn’t work that well.

As a result, players are frustrated with the constant freezing issues, and many have also quit. The comparably low player count of Apex Legends in Season 15 also proves that. So, players, including u/thevizzledizzle are asking for a long-due update regarding the freezing issues from the developers.

A few days back, Respawn mentioned that they were investigating the issue. However, after that, there has been no update from the developers. So, it is still unsure if there has been any development on freezing issues and when it will be fixed.

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