Apex Legends to Introduce a New Cosmetic Item “Stickers” in Season 15

Respawn is introducing a new type of cosmetic item “Stickers.” It will be available in the Store starting from Season 15.

Season 14 was kind of disappointing content-wise. So, players are hoping for something exciting in the following Season. And it seems Respawn has been planning to give players a bunch of content in Season 15.

As Season 15 is about to start, Respawn is already teasing players with the upcoming content. From what we know, players will get a stellar new map: Broken Moon, a new Legend: Catalyst, a brand new Battle Pass, a Gifting System, and an updated UI. Additionally, Respawn is introducing a new type of cosmetic item in Season 15.

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A New Type of Cosmetic Item: Stickers

The concept of Stickers in Apex Legends is not new. Leakers and data miners already gave several hints about Stickers in the past. However, without an official announcement from Respawn, it wasn’t sure whether they would add it to the game or not.

However, AlphaIntel has confirmed that Respawn is adding Stickers starting in Season 15. Apparently, Stickers can only be used on Healing items such as Syringes, Med Kits, Shield Cells, Shield batteries, and Phoenix kits.

These Stickers will be available in the Store starting from November 1 along with Season 15. Players can get these Stickers by opening Apex packs or purchasing them directly from Store.

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