Apex Legends is Getting a UI Overhaul in Season 15

Along with other changes, Apex Legends is also getting a UI makeover in Season 15. However, the changes might not be as impressive.

Season 14 of Apex Legends was kind of disappointing content-wise. So, players are hoping for something exciting in the following Season. And it seems Respawn has been planning to give players a bunch of content in Season 15.

As Season 15 is about to begin, Respawn is already teasing players with the upcoming content. From what we know, players will get a stellar new map: Broken Moon, a new Legend: Catalyst, a brand new Battle Pass, a Gifting System, and Stickers. Additionally, Respawn is making UI changes to spice things up with the game’s look.

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Apex Legends is Getting a UI Overhaul

Every now and then, Respawn makes some UI changes to Apex Legends to let players have a fresh experience with the game. It is not uncommon for developers to make these changes to their games so it doesn’t get boring to see the same thing repeatedly. Riot Games also recently changed VALORANT’s UI, which most players appreciated.

Similarly, Respawn is also giving Apex Legends a partial UI makeover for an enhanced player experience. However, Respawn made sure to keep the basic layout and structure the same to keep things simple for the mass audience.

Respawn didn’t overdo the UI customization. Most of the previous features are still present in the latest UI. Only the primary look has changed. However, they added some extra features to the new UI, such as the “Seasonal” tab in the menu. Overall, it seems like a healthy change for Apex Legends.

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