Apex Legends Fans Think Catalyst’s Ultimate Should Have a Toggle Option Between Straight and Horizontal Wall Placement

Catalyst’s Ultimate ability is pretty underwhelming compared to what was shown in the trailer. So, the Apex community thinks her Ultimate should have more flexibility with the placement.

A week has passed since Apex Legends Season 15 went live. The Broken Moon map has managed to impress everyone in the community, including the casual and pro player base. However, people do not share the same opinion about the new Legend.

Respawn premiered the Eclipse launch trailer on Oct 20, 2022. The trailer showed everyone a glimpse of Catalyst’s abilities which at first glance seemed somewhat overpowered. Most players also believed she would bring an end to the scan meta.

However, as she made her debut, the thought of her being overpowered started to fade away. Players were incredibly disappointed with Ultimate ability as it is too low compared to the trailer. Additionally, because of the Ultimate’s placement, it doesn’t provide much value in real fights.

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Catalyst’s Ultimate Needs Placement Flexibility

Similar to every other Legend, Catalyst also has three distinct abilities. Although most people think her Passive ability is perfect, her Tactical and Ultimate seem underwhelming compared to other defensive Legends.

Catalyst’s Ultimate is called Dark Veil. The Apex community witnessed an entirely different version of this ferrofluid wall in the launch trailer. Even then, players gave her the benefit of the doubt as she had just entered the game.

However, players don’t think her Ultimate is really good, mainly because of the placement. You can only position the Wall straight, which doesn’t help too much if you are fighting enemies in front of you.

To overcome this weakness, a Reddit user named u/NizzyDeniro suggested a perfect solution for Catalyst. The OP thinks Catalyst should have the flexibility to place her Wall sideways or toggle between both sideways and straight, just like Sage in VALORANT.

Another Reddit user named u/Rodrat pointed out that the launch trailer teased Catalyst just as the post where she could place her Wall sideways. So, it doesn’t make any sense not to have the option in the game.

Having the possibility to place the Wall straight or sideways would eliminate most of her issues with the Ultimate ability as well as make her a versatile character.

Although people expected greater things from Catalyst, her abilities will need more tweaking for players to continue using her. Nonetheless, she is still in an early stage, and time will tell whether she’ll be a decent character in the current meta or another bottom-of-the-list Legend in Apex Legends.

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