A Rare Apex Legends Glitch is Giving Players Free Heirlooms

A new and rare bug has appeared that is giving players free Heirlooms for free. However, there’s a catch.

Heirlooms are the rarest and most sought-after items in Apex Legends. Every player wants to get at least one of these Heirlooms for their favorite characters in-game. However, these rare cosmetic items are not easy to come by.

You need to spend a lot of money during Collection Events or open a bunch of packs before you can get one of these in your hand unless you are a very lucky player. However, in Season 15, some players are getting free Heirlooms without spending any money or opening any packs. How is this possible?

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Free Heirloom Glitch

A content creator named Garret found this weird glitch in Apex Legends that lets you equip a locked Heirloom for any legend in the game. He mentions a “connectivity issue” which appears to be the reason why this bug is happening.

However, Garret also said in his tweet, “theres no way to replicate the glitch.” So, it may only happen to you if you get really lucky. Nonetheless, even if you get an opportunity to get a locked Heirloom by using this exploit, it is highly suggested that you don’t equip it.

It is because even if it is a bug, Respawn can ban you for this. It is still unsure whether Respawn is aware of this Heirloom bug or not. But, judging by the gravity of this issue, Respawn may certainly patch this one in a future update.

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