Apex Legends Pros and Streamers Think Catalyst is a “Terrible” Legend in Season 15

The hype about Catalyst is starting to fade away as she battles in the Outlands. The Legend is not living up to the expectations of many.

Apex Legends Season 15 is live. Players are enjoying the new Broken Moon map for its great design and unique features. Respawn tried to overcome the shortcomings brought by the Storm Point map with the new map and succeeded for the most part.

Unfortunately, Respawn didn’t make any Legend-related changes this Season. Besides, the weapon changes were also very insignificant compared to other seasons. So, players were hoping Catalyst would spice things around and shift the meta.

However, as the Season is live and thousands of players are trying out Catalyst in the actual game, they are unsatisfied with her performance. Even pro players and streamers think she is not good enough in terms of her abilities.

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Catalyst is a “Terrible” Legend

Catalyst’s abilities appear very underwhelming compared to what we saw in the launch and gameplay trailers. Players were expecting Catalyst to be a dominant character in Season 15. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Streamers and pro players such as Aceu, Snip3down, and Albralelie shared their opinion on Catalyst’s abilities. And their opinions were mostly adverse regarding her kits.

Aceu and Snip3down reaction (0:28-1:03)

In Aceu’s recent stream, while discussing Catalyst’s abilities with iiTzTimmy, he says, “I feel like that’s your (Catalysts) best ability, her Passive. Like the Q (Tactical) doesn’t do anything, it literally like (deals) 15 damage, and it doesn’t stun you or anything, does it?”

iiTzTimmy also agrees with Aceu that Catalyst’s Tactical should slow players but it is very insignificant to not get bothered by it.

On the other hand, when a follower asked FaZe Snip3down, “How’s the new Legend playing out?” he unhesitantly said, “She’s terrible. She’s actually just like, pretty terrible.”

Famous pro player Albralelie also sees Catalyst as a trash Legend for multiple reasons. Her Tactical bugs out most of the time and is inconsistent. The same goes for her Ultimate, especially on uneven surfaces. Also, it doesn’t block Seer’s Ultimate and has less height which is why Catalyst is terrible, according to Albralelie.

Although people were expecting greater things from Catalyst, it looks like her abilities will need more tweaking for players to continue using her. Nonetheless, she is still in an early stage, and time will tell whether she’ll be a dominant character or another bottom-of-the-list Legend in Apex.

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