Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse Character Changes: All Legends Unlocked in Firing Range & More

As Season 14 is endingwe finally have hints on some of the legend-related changes Respawn may bring with the highly anticipated Apex Legends season 15 update.

Respawn has constantly been introducing new content and features to Apex Legends since Season 1 so that the mass player base can stay entertained and engaged in the game. Along with other changes, Respawn has already introduced 22 Legends into the game since the beginning of Apex Legends, and they keep adding more.

Respawn does not put the Legends into the game and lets the players figure it out. Instead, they observe many aspects such as Legends’ pick rate, their ability to perform in casual, ranked, competitive, and so on. After analyzing so many elements of the game, Respawn brings changes to the Legends in every season.

However, In Season 15, it seems like Respawn is not going to make any changes to the Legends. Meaning, no Legend will go through buff or nerf in the first part of Season 15. The only Legends related change will be that every Legend will be playable in Firing Range starting from Season 15.

Nonetheless, they may make changes to the characters at any time, along with other major updates such as Collection or Thematic Event.

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Apex Legends Season 15 Character Buffs & Nerfs


Having trouble deciding on which Legend to unlock next? Want to try a few different tacticals and ultimates before pulling the trigger? Now you can! In the Firing Range, all Legends are unlocked, giving players the ability to test out Legends that they don’t own yet.

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