Catalyst May Finally Bring an End to the Scan Meta in Apex Legends

Catalyst’s abilities appear to be pretty interesting. Based on what we know, the community might get its first Legend to counter the scan meta.

Respawn just announced its upcoming Season Eclipse. With it, Apex Legends will have its new map called Divided Moon. Besides, Respawn also introduced Apex Legends’ first transgender woman: Catalyst, who will appear in Season 15.

Catalyst’s announcement has been sort of controversial. However, most of the community loved and accepted Catalyst. The recent launch trailer showed us a glimpse of her abilities, and many believe her Ultimate may directly counter the scan meta.

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Catalyst May End Scan Meta

Apart from Catalyst’s origin and identity, her abilities are something that most players are looking forward to. We’ve already seen some of her powers through the latest Eclipse launch trailer. They appear to have changed a lot since previously leaked abilities.

Apex’s official announcement now describes her as a Defendsive Legend. However, her abilities seemed a lot more passive-aggressive compared to her counterparts. Among all of her abilities, her Ultimate caught everyone’s attention the most.

In the launch trailer, Catalyst unleashes a ferrofluid wall after being confronted by Seer. The wall stops bullets and slows the enemies. Surprisingly, the wall also counters Seer’s Ultimate and Heart Seeker Passive. So, it seems like nothing gets through Catalyst’s Ultimate.

Credit: EA

Although it isn’t confirmed whether Bloodhound’s scan will penetrate the wall, it looks improbable. Contrarily, Crypto may be able to fly his drone over Catalyst’s Ultimate and may be able to see his opponents while in drone mode. However, Crypto’s teammates may not be able to see the scanned opponents.

Remember that these are only speculations based on the abilities shown for Catalyst in the trailer, and the official abilities may differ from the trailer. In any case, it’ll be thrilling to see how Catalyst’s abilities will be played out against scan characters.

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