Respawn Worked Closely with GLAAD to Create Apex’s First Trans Legend

To represent the community accurately, Respawn worked with GLAAD and introduced its first Trans Legend into Apex Legends.

In Season 14, Apex Legends has a total of 22 Legends in the game. Every Legend in the game has unique abilities. Additionally, apart from their abilities, the Legends differ in terms of their look, origin, and identity.

Apex Legends promotes a diversified environment where every player and character is welcomed, included, and accepted. We’ve already seen multiple LGBTQ+ legends in the game, including, Bloodhound (non-binary), Gibraltar (gay), Loba (bi-sexual), Valkyrie (lesbian), and more.

Additionally, with Catalyst, Respawn is introducing yet another LGBTQ+ character in the game. However, Respawn didn’t just build Catalyst out of nowhere. They tried their utmost to support the Legend so she could represent the transgender community with respect.

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GLAAD x Respawn to Introduce Apex’s First Trans Legend

LGBTQ+ is a minor community who are often overlooked. But, Respawn made sure to give them the proper recognition they deserved. So, they worked with a US-based NGO, GLAAD, to give Catalyst an appropriate representation of the Trans community and culture.

Respawn had been planning to make a trans Legend for a long time. However, before Catalyst could be designed, she needed careful treatment. Also, Respawn had to ensure that Catalyst would represent every trans woman respectfully and effectively.

Only the transgender community could’ve portrayed Catalyst’s backstory suitably. So, Respawn worked with GLAAD from the very beginning of the year. Respawn also worked with their trans employees and Melizande, the voice artist of Catalyst, to make sure everything went according to plan.

“I think players will be pleasantly surprised that her trans identity sort of shines through in every aspect. And that’s something that distinguishes her from some other trans characters that have come before – it’s not just a footnote in her bio that players will read once and then never think about again. It’s something that is intrinsic to who she is in the game.”, Said Blair Durkee, GLAAD.

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