Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event: Wraith Heirloom, New Skins, Release Date, & More

Recent Apex Legends leaks have revealed the upcoming “Imperial Guard” Collection Event featuring the Wraith Heirloom recolor and more.

Respawn just shook things up with the release of Apex Legends Season 16. A huge Legend-class rework happened that changed the current Legend meta. On the other hand, the introduction of Nemesis and the weapon-related changes also spiced things for the better.

However, the good thing is these changes will help new players get into the game. Additionally, the Orientation Matches will be a positive factor in attracting a newer player base. To keep the new and old player base engaged, Respawn will release tons of new skins in Season 16 through Collection Events.

Respawn’s recent Season 16 roadmap revealed that there’d be 4 Collection Events in Season 16. The first one: the Anniversary Collection Event, is already running, and three more will take place during Season 16.

Fortunately, data miners have already found out about the following Collection Event that’ll take place in March, which will be called “Imperial Guard.” As the name suggests, the event will feature skins of the elite Legends from the Outlands.

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Imperial Guard Collection Event

Thanks to SWL and Senos, we have the first look at all the items from Imperial Guard Collection Event.

Wraith Heirloom Set: Hope’s Dawn

The Imperial Guard Collection Event will mostly feature recolored Legend skins. The reward for collecting all 24 items from the Collection Event will also be a recolor version of Wraith Heirloom called Hope’s Dawn.

The Heirloom will be the same model as Wraith’s original Kunai. However, the outline will be orange instead of blue. Hope’s Dawn will be bundled with a Mythic Banner Frame and a Mythic Emote.

Wraith Heirloom Recolor Set
Credit: Senos

Hope’s Dawn Heirloom Set includes:

  • Hope’s Dawn Heirloom
  • Practice Makes Perfect Mythic Wraith Emote
  • Hope’s Blossom Mythic Wraith Banner Frame

Event Skins and Cosmetic Items

Here’s a showcase of all the Skins, Emotes, Banner Frames, Holo Sprays, Weapon Charms, and Heirloom.

Imperial Guard Free Reward Tracker

If you don’t want to spend any money buying skins from the Collection Event, don’t worry! Imperial Guard Event will feature many free rewards for the players. You can earn points and get these free rewards by tracking your progression throughout the three weeks of the Imperial Guard Collection Event.

Imperial Guard Collection Event Release Date

According to the data miners, the Imperial Guard Collection Event is set to go live on March 7, 2023.

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