Upcoming Apex Legends Season 16 Leaked Skins: Recolors, Event Skins, & More

Season 16 Revelry is live, and data miners have already leaked most of the upcoming skins to be released.

Like every free-to-play first-person shooter game, Respawn relies heavily on Apex Legends’ cosmetic items, such as character and weapon skins for monetization. These cosmetic items usually only provide players with a sense of customization of their in-game characters.

Data miners always come up with ways to uncover what is hiding within the game files whenever a new Season or a major update is released in Apex Legends. Season 16 Revelry won’t be any different. Data miners and leakers have revealed the majority of the upcoming skins that will be released in Season 16.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what skins are in store for players this season, so they can prepare their wallets. However, you may want to avoid scrolling down if you don’t want any spoilers.

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Upcoming Leaked Skins in Season 16

Haute Haute Hoplite Recolor

Fuse Sir Fitzroy Recolor

Bloodhound Ferals’s Future Recolor

Wraith’s Imperial Guard Skin

Revenant Relic of Death Recolor

Release Date

All these skins are set to go live in Season 16. These skins may come in the game through different events, bundles, and recolors. Some of the skins may even arrive in Season 17 or a later date.


As mentioned earlier, the skins may come into the game through different events, bundles, and recolors. So, the price will also vary, just like the release dates. However, judging by previous prices, expect to pay around 400-3500 Apex Coins for the skins.

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