Apex Legends Wraith Heirloom 2.0 “Hope’s Dawn”: First Look, Release Date & More

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Data miners have leaked the much anticipated Wraith Heirloom recolor, and it will be called “Hope’s Dawn.”

Currently, in season 16, there are 16 Heirlooms in Apex Legends. Seer was the last Legend to receive this mythic tier cosmetic item in the Spellbound Collection Event. Respawn does not follow any precise order to release these Heirlooms for each Legend. As a result, knowing what surprises lie ahead always excites players.

In Season 15, data miners found a Wraith Heirloom recolor that was being tested. Other than that, not much information was out in public. However, as Season 16 update got live, data miners found the Wraith 2.0 Heirloom model in the game files.

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Wraith Heirloom 2.0 “Hope’s Dawn” First Look

Apparently, the Wraith Heirloom recolor looks pretty similar to the original Wraith Heirloom. The only difference is that the new Wraith Heirloom recolor has an orange outline compared to the old blue outline. Also, the previous Heirloom has been renamed to “Hope’s Dusk” in comparison to the new one called “Hope’s Dawn.”

In the Season 16 update, the developer upgraded the original Wraith Heirloom with a bunch of new animations. And on top of that, they’re adding a Wraith Heirloom recolor into the game. Here’s the first look at Hope’s Dawn, leaked by SWL.

Hope’s Dawn Mythic Emote

The Emote will be bundled with the new Heirloom.

Hope’s Blossom Banner Frame

The Banner Frame will be bundled with Hope’s Dawn Heirloom.

Wraith “Hope’s Dawn” Heirloom Price

Unfortunately, like every time, players will have to pay full price to get the Hope’s Dawn Heirloom through a Collection Event. Players can purchase the event-specific pack that comes with every other Collection Event. Purchasing all the event Apex packs will guarantee the Heirloom. As each event pack costs around 700 Apex coins, in total, players will need to spend around 168$ to collect this Heirloom.

The other way is to buy just one event pack and pray to the RNG gods. Also, after the collection event ends, players will be able to get this Heirloom in the regular loot boxes. However, the chances of getting an heirloom in the normal Apex packs are around 0.7%.

Wraith “Hope’s Dawn” Heirloom Release Date

As of now, the release date of Wraith’s Hope’s Dawn Heirloom is unknown. However, as announced by Respawn, there’ll be 4 Collection Events in Season 16. So, Hope’s Dawn will be featured in one of these events.

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