Apex Legends Heirlooms 2021: Ranking All the Heirlooms from Worst to Best

Heirlooms are the highest tier of cosmetic items that players can purchase in Apex Legends.

Since Apex Legends is a free-to-play FPS battle royale game set in the same universe as the Titanfall franchise of video games, Respawn Entertainment opted to use the “freemium” model to monetize this game. As such, players don’t have to purchase the game to enter the lobbies.

Instead, players can purchase cosmetic items such as skins, battle passes, trackers, banners, emotes, and more to customize their play session in Apex Legends. Furthermore, players can also buy loot boxes called Apex packs that provide players with 3 random items. Among these cosmetic items, heirlooms have the lowest drop rate.

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As heirlooms have the lowest drop rate of any cosmetic item in the game, they are really sought after by the player base. Heirlooms are basically custom-made melee skins for each individual legend in the game.

While heirlooms were really basic when Respawn first introduced them back in 2019, the newer ones have seen a massive upgrade in terms of their looks, animations, sound effects, and other aspects. Suffice to say, Respawn is definitely upping their game with each new heirloom release in recent times.

How many Heirlooms are there in 2021?

Right now in season 10, there are 10 heirlooms in Apex Legends. Revenant was the last legend to receive an heirloom based on his over-the-top deadly personality.

All the Heirlooms in Apex Legends

Wraith’s Kunai

Wraith's Kunai
Image via Apex Legends wiki

Wraith was the first legend to receive an heirloom with the official launch of the game back in 2019. Since then more legends got the heirloom treatment. Unfortunately, the first few heirlooms were limited in terms of their animations and sound effects. Newer heirlooms have started to become much more complex with their equip animations. That being said, the Kunai is still one of the most sought-after items in the game.

BloodHound’s Raven’s Bite

BloodHound's Raven's Bite
Image via Apex Legends wiki

BloodHound was the second legend after Wraith to receive an heirloom of their own in the now infamous Iron Crown collection event. This heirloom is basically an ax with red highlights. Unsurprisingly, it really goes well with BloodHound’s upbringing.

Lifeline’s Shock Sticks

Lifeline's Shock Sticks
Image via Apex Legends wiki

Lifeline received her own heirloom with the Fight or Fright collection event. And based on her backstory, Respawn decided to give her electrifying shock sticks as she is apparently an avid drummer.

Pathfinder’s Boxing Gloves

Pathfinder's Boxing Gloves
Image via Apex Legends wiki

Pathfinder received his own custom-made heirloom in the shape of boxing gloves with the Holo-Day Bash collection event. It matches his cheerful personality as these globes have animated emojis that reflect his current mode.

Octane’s Butterfly Knife

Octane's Butterfly Knife
Image via Apex Legends wiki

Apex Legends’ beloved speedster received his Butterfly knife in the System Override collection event. Unsurprisingly, this Butter Fly knife also works like a needle to inject stim into his body. Also, it has a cool-looking inspect animation that shows off Octane’s skills with the knife.

Mirage’s Too Much Witt

Mirage's Too Much Witt
Image via Apex Legends wiki

The Outland’s most famous trickster received his heirloom with the Lost Treasures collection event. Surprising absolutely no one, it turned out to be a statue of himself. Yes, Mirage’s heirloom is a mini statue version of himself. Also, his heirloom has some unique inspect and melee animations that go perfectly well with his carefree attitude.

Caustic’s Death Hammer

Caustic's Death Hammer
Image via Apex Legends wiki

Caustic received his Death Hammer with the Aftermarket collection event. Based on his personality, Respawn decided to give him a hammer with his face on one side. The inspect animation also gave clues regarding his backstory and lore.

Gibraltar’s War Club

Gibraltar's War Club
Image via Apex Legends wiki

Gibraltar received a “patu” as his heirloom based on his Maori descent in the Fight Night Collection event. Respawn really went all out with this one as it literally glows in the dark and has unique inspect animation that gave homage to the Maori culture.

Bangalore’s Cold Steel

Bangalore's Cold Steel
Image via Apex Legends wiki

Bangalore received a pilot’s data knife as her heirloom with the Chaos Theory collection event. Unsurprisingly, it fits her military background really well. Although it was shrouded with conspiracy as Respawn allegedly changed the heirloom from a Tonfa to a generic-looking dagger at the very last minute.

Revenant’s Dead Man’s Curve

Revenant's Dead Man's Curve
Image via Apex Legends wiki

Revenant was the last legend to receive an heirloom with the recent Genesis collection event. Unsurprisingly, Respawn decided that a deadly-looking scythe would be a perfect fit for Revenant. The animation department at Respawn literally went all out with this one as it has one of the most visually appealing inspect animations of any heirlooms.

Best Heirlooms in Apex Legends

All the heirlooms that Respawn has made so far are really unique in their own way. Each of them somehow managed to pay homage to each individual character’s backstory and their aspirations. However, not all of them are created equal as the older ones were really basic compared to the new ones which are much more complex with amusing inspect animations and other sound effects.

Likewise, new heirlooms can be easily labeled as an S-tier heirloom, but B-tier ones are also pretty good. Lastly, A-tier ones are just average if we compare them against new ones. And as with any other tier list, this one is extremely subjective.

  • S-tier: Dead Man’s Curve, Death Hammer, Too Much Witt, Butterfly Knife
  • A-tier: War Club, Boxing Gloves, Kunai
  • B-tier: Cold Steel, Raven’s Bite, Shock Sticks

How to get Heirlooms? 

If you are already sold on the idea of heirlooms and want to know how to obtain them then let us guide you. The most basic way to get an heirloom is to buy 500 Apex packs and you are guaranteed to receive heirloom shards which can be used to purchase any heirlooms in the market.

Best way

The best way to get heirlooms is to buy event-specific Apex packs that arrive with each collection event. After purchasing all the event exclusive Apex packs, you are guaranteed to receive that particular heirloom. Or you can buy one event pack and pray to the RNG gods.

Apex Legends Heirloom Drop Rate

As we mentioned earlier, heirlooms have the lowest drop rate of any cosmetic items in the game. The current drop rate for an heirloom is only 0.7%. However, Respawn has added bad luck protection to guarantee an heirloom drop at your 500th Apex pack opening.

Since the chances of getting heirlooms shards are really low at under 1%, it is understandable why everyone wants an heirloom. Many players are now asking Respawn to add some sort of heirloom calculator or tracker in the game client so that curious players can see how many packs they have opened so far and how far away are they from opening their very first heirloom.

Apex Legends Next Heirloom

There are two potential candidates who might receive an heirloom with the next collection event in Apex Legends. One of them is Crypto who is rumored to receive a Japanese-inspired “Jikdo” as his heirloom. And the other one is Rampart who is also rumored to receive a wrench as her heirloom.

As these are leaks from a data miner, take them with a grain of salt since Respawn can still make a last-minute decision to change the heirloom set altogether similar to how they allegedly changed Bangalore’s heirloom.

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