Apex Legends fan sketched this unique heirloom finisher for characters

Respawn please add this

One of the most unique thing in Apex Legends is the exclusive character specific heirlooms that are really hard to obtain.

Apex fan mialakre decided to make unique finisher animation for each of these legends that already received their heirloom. Finishers in Apex Legends are also a unique addition to the battle royale genre. Combining heirlooms with unique finishers for Legends is just too good to ignore.

This fan came up with a sketch that showcases how cool it would be to see unique heirloom finishers for Legends like wraith, pathfinder, lifeline, octane, bloodhound. Since all the Legends do not have an heirloom yet, it would give players who already own an heirloom more things to show off.

When Apex Legends first launched, it only had wraith’s heirloom. After some events, Respawn added more Legend specific heirlooms in the game. With a really low drop rate, it kind of became a meme for players who refuse to spend obscene amounts of money for an heirloom that they will never get one from Respawn.

Respawn added heirloom shards

Things are a bit different right now. Respawn finally decided to give us heirloom shards instead of random heirlooms from characters that you don’t play that much. This move from Respawn created a better opportunity for players that want to own a specific heirloom. The drop rate is still very low but respawn did put in bad luck protection for the 500th apex pack.

Nevertheless, heirlooms give these lovely legends an extra layer of personality than others in the hero shooter genre. Adding an extra layer by making unique finishers for those legends is just too good of an idea for Respawn to ignore.

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