Apex Legends dev reacts to the player’s plea to remove weapons from the loot pool

Respawn Entertainment recently released the 11th season of their popular battle royale FPS game Apex Legends that came with a new weapon called C.A.R SMG.

As Apex Legends is a live service game, it is always evolving. Meaning with every new season, Respawn tries to introduce new additions to the game such as new characters, weapons, battle passes, maps, and more to spice things for both new and returning players.

In the past seasons, new weapon releases were a rare sight. But recently Respawn has added quite a few unique weapons to the loot pool. And over years, the total weapon count has only gone upward.

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This has affected the game in a negative manner since having too much weapon variety means the overall loot distribution is starting to suffer. Players can’t seem to find good weapons as the game tries to maintain balance while trying to keep the loot distribution fair for every category of weapons.

Apex CAR smg
Image Credit: EA

Consequently, there are a growing number of players who are voicing their concerns regarding the current loot distribution in the game. Many are claiming that Apex might just have too many weapons and it is interfering with loot distribution.

Some are even going out of their way and asking the devs at Respawn Entertainment to remove certain weapons from the game altogether. One such player suggested that P2020, Bocek Bow, or the 30-30 repeater should be removed from the game to maintain proper balance.

Respawn dev responds to removing weapons

In response, John Larson, Associate Live Game Balance Designer at Respawn Entertainment explained that while they are well aware of the fact that they can’t keep adding new weapons to the game without it negatively impacting the loot distribution, they do have some stuff in the works that should help alleviate the issue.

In short, it is quite clear that in the current state of the game Apex has a loot distribution problem. And the devs are well aware of the issue. On top of that, they are claiming that they are in the process of coming with a suitable solution.

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