The next Apex Legends event may feature legendary character skins based on “Folklore”

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Dataminers have already figured out what the next event in Apex Legends may look like and turns out the next event will be a thematic one instead of a collection event.

As Apex Legends is a live service title, the game usually receives multiple limited-time game modes and events throughout a season that introduces new legendary skins for characters as well as weapons for players to purchase.

According to the leaks, the next event may be a thematic one called “Folklore” that will feature skins based on mythical creatures. It is typical for Respawn to come up with a unique theme for each of their skin lines. And this time it’s time for creatures from our folklores to come alive.

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Folklore Event Skins

So far, we know that Fuse and Lifeline are receiving special treatment for the upcoming event. Fuse may receive a ‘Posiden’ themed skin whereas Lifeline will get her very own ‘Mermaid’ skin. Also, both these legends will receive epic charms similar to their Folklore event skins.

Apex Folklore skins
Image via Respawn

Aside from these two legends, Caustic, Loba. Octane, Seer, Peacekeeper, R301, R99, and the Volt SMG will get epic event skins. Although more legendary and epic tier skins could get added to the list before the official release.

Image via garret

On top of that, another event called “Space Pirate” has also been found in the game files. There is a slight possibility of this event coming before the “Folklore” event. However, nothing has been officially confirmed by Respawn, as of writing.

As these are all leaks from data miners, take them with a grain of salt since Respawn might make major changes before the final product gets shipped. That being said, the Folklore event skins sound really good so far.

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Apex Legends Folklore Event Release Date?


We don’t have any concrete dates regarding when this event will air. We’ll definitely keep an eye on that one.

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