Ahri ASU Release Date Potentially Leaked

The new upcoming Ahri ASU has been potentially leaked, as we might even have a preliminary date.

Riot is trying to push many new updates into League of Legends. Most of the changes have been either balance or system changes, while the rest are on the champion reworks/ASU. The new reworks coming to the game are the likes of Kassadin, Zeri, Neeko, etc.

There are also updates on ability icons, like what Caitlyn got a while back.

ASU updates are mostly visual updates designed to make the champion look better. Ahri has been rumored to get an ASU update for a while, and we also got an idea of what the abilities would look like.

However, a leak was released recently that the Ahri ASU might be coming soon. This leak included information we previously had and the potential release date. Here is what we know when the update hits the live servers.

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Ahri ASU Leaked Date

The leak came from Big Bad Bear as he posted a video about the potential date for the Ahri ASU. Riot’s plans for the future were also mentioned a while back, and this article recaps that.

The Ahri ASU is the first on the list regarding graphical updates. The new leak suggests that Lunar New Year Ahri skin will be released alongside the Ahri ASU update. The rumor also suggests that Ahri will have a bunny mask with the skin, likely a tribute to the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese New Year.

As the update has to release in PBE first, the next PBE update is on December 6th, 2022. Lunar New Year 2023 is earlier than usual on January 22nd. Thus, we could see Ahri ASU coming out in Patch 13.1. Patch 13.1 could likely include the Lunar New Year Event and the Ahri ASU, which will come to PBE on December 6th, 2022. The update of 13.1 will go live on January 2023.

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