DAMWON KIA Announces Roster For LCK 2023

DAMWON KIA has locked in their roster for LCK 2023 as Worlds Champion Deft is joining the squad.

Worlds 2022 ended, and teams worldwide started hustling to get their rosters together. As that started, leaks and rumors flooded social media about the targets for the teams. LEC and LCS got the headstart with verbal agreements to lock in their roster early, while LCK and LPL took some time. Thus, as we approached Free Agency, a lot of information started to come out about the LCK started to flood in.

DAMWON KIA is one of those teams looking to make multiple changes. After losing to Gen.G in the Worlds 2022 Quarterfinals, their tournament was cut short. Thus in the offseason, multiple changes were inbound.

A while back, they released Burdol, Nuguri, and Deokdam from the roster while also removing their entire coaching staff of Zefa, Daeny, and Kkoma from the team. This indicates a change in direction that everyone was anticipating the team to undergo.

Rumors started spiraling around as to who will replace the departing members of DAMWON KIA. Thus, earlier today, DAMWON KIA confirmed their main roster for LCK 2023.

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DAMWON KIA’s Roster LCK 2023

The roster was confirmed by DAMWON KIA moments ago as the LCK juggernaut has replenished their roster for a run to get their second Worlds trophy.

The new roster will have returning players Canyon, ShowMaker, and Kellin. They will be joined by Deft, who is joining the roster after a fairytale Worlds run with DRX to win it all. Also, Canna will be joining after a year in Nongshim RedForce.

The team has also added GorillA, a legendary support player in the LCK, as one of the coaches of this DAMWON KIA Roster. Acorn (ex-coach of KT Rolster) will be the new Head Coach of DAMWON KIA for LCK 2023.

LCK 2023 Roster

Thus, this wraps up the roster for DAMWON KIA for LCK 2023. In short, this is the roster for the team.

  • Top: Canna (Free Agency Signing)
  • Jungle: Canyon (returning)
  • Mid: ShowMaker (returning)
  • ADC: Deft (Free Agency Signing)
  • Support: Kellin (returning)
  • Head Coach: Acorn (from KT Rolster)
  • Coach: GorillA

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