LEC 2023 Offseason Rosters Tracking

The LEC 2023 Offseason rumors are flooding Twitter as a lot of the rosters are verbally agreed on.

The offseason has begun since League of Legends Worlds 2022 ended. Free Agency is coming up soon as teams are gearing up to retool their teams. Teams undergo some form of change since they want to improve upon their previous year.

The LEC is no different, as teams are going to be making a lot of changes, given how they performed at Worlds 2022. The format for the LEC is also changing as the rumor suggests that LEC is going to a unique format of three splits.

As there will be more splits and such, teams are definitely looking to adapt to the new system. However, in these kinds of situations, rumors and leaks are par for the course. That said, a lot of rumors have come out about signings, and this article will outline all of them for the different teams.

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Timeline of Rumors of Agreements and Changes

In this section, we will start by categorizing all the rumors in chronological order. This includes changes to the roster, coaching staff, and players hitting free agency. To clarify, these are still rumors, and we are just listing the rumors in chronological order.


  • October 16: Jackspektra verbally agrees to join Team Heretics LEC team as AD Carry
  • October 18: Adam to be promoted to Team BDS LEC team for 2023 as Top Laner
  • October 19:
    • G2 Esports: Jankos hits free agency (confirmed by Jankos), and Flakked will not be on G2 (confirmed via tweets from Flakked)
    • SK Gaming: Irrelevant reaches a verbal agreement to be their starting Top Laner
  • October 26:
    • Astralis: Kobbe (AD Carry) extends until next year
    • Team Heretics: Peter Dun to take Head Coach Position for next year in the LEC
  • October 28: Odoamne parting ways with KOI (formerly Rogue), and Szygenda agrees to become KOI’s new top laner.
  • October 29: Mersa to join Team Heretics LEC roster as Support.
  • October 31: Hans Sama joins G2 Esports for LEC 2023 as AD Carry.


  • November 2:
    • G2 Esports: Mikyx pairs up with Hans Sama for LEC 2023 as Support
    • Team Heretics: Ruby joins as mid laner for LEC 2023
  • November 3: Excel Esports reaches verbal agreements with Xerxe as Jungler and Odoamne as Top Laner
  • November 4:
    • Coaching Change: Mad Lions coach Kaas to join 100 Thieves’ coaching staff
    • Fnatic: Rhuckz is to be promoted to the LEC roster for 2023.
  • November 5:
    • Team BDS: Sheo is to be promoted as Jungler to the LEC team
    • Astralis: Finn reaches a verbal agreement to become Top Laner for LEC 2023
    • G2 Esports: Yike to become the new Jungler for LEC 2023
    • SK Gaming: Markoon reaches a verbal agreement as the team’s Jungler for LEC 2023
  • November 7:
    • MAD Lions: Carzzy returns to the team as AD Carry after one year in Vitality
    • SK Gaming: Exakick to join as AD Carry for LEC 2023
    • Team Vitality: Kaiser to join the team as Support, and Photon to join as Top Laner for LEC 2023
    • Team BDS: Labrov is set to be Support for LEC 2023
    • Excel Esports: Vetheo and Targamas reach verbal agreements to join as Mid Laner and Support respectively
    • Team Heretics: SeeEl joins as part of the coaching staff with the team
  • November 8:
    • Fnatic: Rekkles returns to the team after several years as AD Carry
    • Team Vitality: Neon reaches a verbal agreement as AD Carry for LEC 2023
    • Team BDS: Crownie promoted to LEC team after one year in LFL
    • MAD Lions: Hylissang verbally agrees as Support for LEC 2023
    • SK Gaming: Doss joins the team as starting Support player
  • November 9:
    • MAD Lions: Chasy reached a verbal agreement to be the new Top Laner for the LEC team
    • Team Vitality: Alphari and the team mutually agree to terminate contract
    • Fnatic: Crusher becomes LEC head coach after one year with Fnatic TQ
  • November 10: Astralis verbally agrees 113 from Karmine Corp as starting Jungler for LEC 2023
  • November 11: Evi verbally agrees with Team Heretics to join the team as starting Top laner for LEC 2023

Full Roster of Teams

Let’s recap all of the rumors with the team-specific rosters. As a reminder, all these are rumored or expected rosters.

Astralis’ Expected Roster

  • Top Laner: Finn (verbally agreed)
  • Jungler: 113 (verbally agreed)
  • Mid Laner: Dajor (returning)
  • AD Carry: Kobbe (extended)
  • Support: JeongHoon (returning)
  • Head Coach: AoD (returning)

Excel Esports

  • Top Laner: Odoamne (verbally agreed)
  • Jungler: Xerxe (verbally agreed)
  • Mid Laner: Vetheo (verbally agreed)
  • AD Carry: Patrik (returning)
  • Support: Targamas (verbally agreed)
  • Head Coach: Youngbuck (returning)


  • Top Laner: Wunder (returning)
  • Jungler: Razork (returning)
  • Mid Laner: Humanoid (returning)
  • AD Carry: Rekkles (joining team)
  • Support: Rhuckz (promoted for Fnatic TQ)
  • Head Coach: Crusher (promoted from Fnatic TQ)

G2 Esports

  • Top Laner: BrokenBlade (returning)
  • Jungler: Yike (verbally agreed)
  • Mid Laner: Caps (returning)
  • AD Carry: Hans Sama (verbally agreed)
  • Support: Mikyx (verbally agreed)
  • Head Coach: Dylan Falco (returning)

KOI (Formerly Rogue)

  • Top Laner: Szygenda (verbal agreement)
  • Jungler: Malrang (returning)
  • Mid Laner: Larssen (returning)
  • AD Carry: Comp (returning)
  • Support: Trymbi (returning)
  • Head Coach: fredy122 (returning)

MAD Lions

  • Top Laner: Chasy (verbal agreement)
  • Jungler: Elyoya (returning)
  • Mid Laner: Nisqy (returning)
  • AD Carry: Carzzy (verbal agreement)
  • Support: Hylissang (verbal agreement)
  • Head Coach: Mac (returning)

SK Gaming

  • Top Laner: Irrelevant (verbal agreement)
  • Jungler: Markoon (verbal agreement)
  • Mid Laner: Sertuss (returning)
  • AD Carry: Exakick (verbal agreement)
  • Support: Doss (verbal agreement)
  • Head Coach: Swiffer (returning)

Team BDS

  • Top Laner: Adam (promoted)
  • Jungler: Sheo/Cinkrof (promoted/returning)
  • Mid Laner: Nuclearint (returning)
  • AD Carry: Crownie (promoted)
  • Support: Labrov (verbal agreement)
  • Head Coach: ? (No info yet)

Team Heretics

  • Top Laner: Evi (verbally agreed)
  • Jungler: ? (No info yet)
  • Mid Laner: Ruby (verbal agreement)
  • AD Carry: Jackspektra (verbal agreement)
  • Support: Mersa (verbal agreement)
  • Head Coach: Peter Dun (verbal agreement)

Team Vitality

  • Top Laner: Photon (verbal agreement)
  • Jungler: Bo (returning)
  • Mid Laner: Perkz (returning)
  • AD Carry: Neon (verbal agreement)
  • Support: Kaiser (verbal agreement)
  • Head Coach: Mephisto (returning)

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