Riot Begins High MMR Moderation Trials in League of Legends NA Server

Riot Auberaun has mentioned that Riot is going to start their High MMR Moderation Trials in North America for League of Legends.

League of Legends has always been a tumultuous affair in terms of player experience. While the game is fun and enjoyable, the same cannot be said about many players. The amount of griefing and toxicity that goes on in games is a big problem.

We could go down the list of problems that players face, such as AFK, Griefing, win trading, toxic behavior, trolling, etc. A lot of these problems have plagued League of Legends for a long time. Fortunately, Riot has tried to mitigate the problems.

We have already seen a new anti-toxic behavior system that has been implemented to mute toxic players automatically. Also, the systems of reporting players during the draft or less LP loss for AFK players exist. However, the larger problem of griefing and win trading remains a thorn in the game.

To combat that, Riot Auberaun has announced a High MMR Moderation Trial system to address the issues of griefing and win trading. Here is what we know so far.

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The High MMR Moderation Trials

The whole conversation started in a Reddit comment by Riot Auberaun about implementing a High MMR Moderation Trial in NA. Fast forwarding to a little while ago, Riot Auberaun tweeted about the trials coming to the NA servers.

It is a big twitter thread so reading the entire thing is a wise idea. Riot Auberaun starts by saying that they are starting reviews this week, and reporting is being encouraged as that’s how Riot can address issues. Furthermore, a direct reporting path is available for League Partner Programs (LPP), and 70% of the reports have been addressed.

Also, since streamers use the LPP, Riot Auberaun mentioned that streamers wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the system unjustly by wrongfully reporting players. He also emphasized that having bad games is not illegal and so he encouraged being kind to everyone. Lastly, if the system is successful, Riot Auberaun has said that they will expand it to other servers.

This is a huge step for Riot to finally start tackling the issues of griefing and win trading. Reporting is a big part of the system, so players will need to give a helping hand for the system to work well. The only thing unsure about what he mentioned was “high MMR,” as there is no real definition of what constitutes a high MMR.

Regardless, this is a massive step towards addressing issues in the game regarding player behavior. Hopefully, the system will bear some fruit so that we can ultimately reach a point where all games have such a system to ward off bad behavior.

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