Cho’Gath & Nunu Get Massive Buff on Patch 12.22

Riot just announced some massive changes for Cho’Gath & Nunu.

As League of Legends season 12 is coming to a close, Riot Games has announced most of the changes in the upcoming preseason 2023. The changes include the return of the Chemtech Drake and the Chemtech Rift, the new ping and voting system, new items, and, most importantly, Jungle changes.

The jungle role is one of the most influential roles in League of Legends. It’s a very unique role that gears towards roaming around the map, fighting monsters, and helping out your laners. Unfortunately, unique as it may be, it is unnecessarily complicated and not exactly beginner friendly. So, this preseason, Riot is planning on overhauling the jungle role.

One of the ways they are planning to do it is with the introduction of Avatar Smites and Jungle Pets. Avatar smite is somewhat similar to the current smite system but evolves as the game progresses, making smite stronger. Unlike the current smite, which only does 900 damage to monsters, the new smite, fully evolved, can dish out 1200 damage to jungle monsters.

Although the changes affect most jungle champions positively, some champions with additional smite-esque abilities, like Cho’Gath and Nunu, are affected negatively. So, Riot games have decided to give them a composition buff. These buffs may seem small, but these changes are huge for contesting jungle camps and epic monsters.

Riot August, the lead champion designer of League of Legends, just announced the Cho’Gath & Nunu buffs on Twitter.

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What are the changes?

Here are all the Cho’Gath & Nunu buffs, announced by Riot.


  • R – Feast:
    • Base damage to non-champs: 1000 >>> 1200

Although Cho’Gath’s R ability won’t affect his early Jungle clear, it will help with the objective taking, especially the Rift Herald. As it stands, the newly evolved smite takes quite a bit of time to ramp up to the 1200 damage mark (about 10-14 mins), and Cho’Gath has 1200 R monster damage earlier than that; any team contesting Rift Herald and Dragon’s against him should be close to impossible.

This is a massive buff for both Top lane and Jungle Cho’Gath and maybe will bump up the Cho’Gath jungle play rate.


  • Q – Consume:
    • Damage to non-champs: 340-980 >>> 400-1200

Nunu usually maxes this ability first, and 60 more damage level 1 is massive. Nunu’s Jungle clear should be significantly faster, allowing him to gank even earlier. On top of that, his early objective-taking speed should also improve by quite a lot.

Ultimately, massive buffs to Nunu jungle.

When will the changes arrive?

The Cho’Gath & Nunu are currently on PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers for testing. It will come out on League of Legends live servers on patch 12.22, released on Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022.

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