Riot Might Remove Jungle Invades in League of Legends 2023 Preseason

Riot just dropped some unexpected jungle changes to the PBE server.

The Jungle role is one of the most unique and influential roles in League of Legends. In this role, instead of laning, you roam around the map, fight monsters and help out your laners.

Being a role heavily geared towards roaming, a Jungler can heavily influence a game and change any game’s tide if they are good enough. That being said, the role is very challenging for new players as it requires quite a bit of game knowledge, map awareness, and communication skills. Even for experienced players who mainly play other roles, it is tough to get used to this role.

So, Riot Games, this preseason, announced that they would be reworking the Jungle role. They will also be adding new Jungle Pets and Avatar Smites to make the Jungle more new player friendly.

Along with the changes, Riot recently announced some unexpected Jungle changes to Jungle invading. These changes are huge and have sparked some controversy among the players. Let’s see what the changes are.

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Jungle Invade Changes

  • You do significantly less damage to your opponent’s Jungle camps. (About 20% less)
  • Smaller camps despawn after some time if left without Large monsters nearby.

The first change is quite significant, especially for champions that invade consistently. Players are less incentivised to start at the opponent’s camps because it takes a lot more time to do opponents’ camps or invade early. This will be a massive buff for junglers that are weak early. Although some players are concerned about the changes, we believe the changes will be beneficial overall, especially for newer players.

The second change is more of a quality-of-life change and will stop some annoying counter-jungle tactics. This is also a good change and will help new players quite a bit.

Release Date

The changes are currently out on PBE for testing and will come out on League of Legends live servers on patch 12.22, released on Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022.

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