How To Get Crystal Rose Akshan Chroma Again?

Riot is set to drop the Tiffany and Co. Crystal Rose Akshan Chroma once more, and here is what we know.

League of Legends has had its fair share of drops and rewards for watching the live esports games, particularly Worlds. Worlds 2022 is no different, as many drops and giveaways are done to celebrate the tournament.

Some of the free drops for players were in line with the recreation of the trophy made by Tiffany and Co. The new League of Legends Pro League Silver Dragon Cup was also designed and made by Tiffany and Co. In unison with that, Riot created a few chromas to giveaway to players for the Crystal Rose skins of Akshan, Swain, and Zyra.

Named Tiffany and Co. chromas, they were available to gain as drops. However, because of when the drops happened, many players missed out on the drops. Thus, Riot has decided to enable the drops again for the Crystal Rose Akshan Chroma and the rest. Here is what we know.

When and How Can You Get The Drop?

Per the latest update by Riot 5oda shared by Spideraxe, it has been confirmed that Crystal Rose Akshan Chroma will drop again in the semifinals.

There was a talk about enabling the drop again earlier before the tweet above. Thankfully, Riot didn’t change their mind and decided to enable the drop again. So, for Crystal Rose Akshan Chroma, the cosmetic will be re-dropped on October 29th during Game 1 (First Game of Semifinals 1).

That is all we know about the drop being re-enabled. Hopefully, everyone will be able to get the drops on October 29th in Game 1 of the first semifinals.

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