A new patent reveals the possible return of Tribunal in League of Legends

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By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games teases a possible return of the Tribunal System in League of Legends.

Riot Games has been getting a lot of backslashes recently over their lack of action towards griefers and intentionally feeders. As a result, for the last couple of patches, Riot has been working on battering their algorithms and the punishment system. First, they introduced the champ select reports and later a harsh punishment system for AFKers and griefers.

And now, as pointed out by Reddit user u/ntguy95, Riot Games has recently published a patent from where it can be seen that Riot is planning to revamp their reporting system even further by reintroducing the Tribunal in League of Legends. The new system will be completely automated and based on feedback and automated systems,

If the arbitrating user submits a vote ( Decision Block 3070 ) , then the arbitration system 1900 assesses whether a vote threshold has been met ( Decision Block 3080 ) . For instance , an assessment is made as to whether a certain minimum number of votes have been cast and whether the majority ruled in favor of punishment ( or exoneration ) . For example , if a certain percentage of votes ( e.g. , 51 % ) for punishment are received for a particular case file that received a certain number of total votes ( e.g. , 100 ) , then appropriate action may be taken ( Action Block 3090 ) , e.g. , automatic punishment by the arbitration server 1900 . Generally , punishment can be issued manually by the sys tem’s 1000 administrator or automatically by the system 1000 itself , e.g. , via the arbitration server 1900. For example , the arbitration server 1900 can issue a warning or notification ( e.g. , via email ) or disable temporary or perma nent access to the system

(Quote is taken from Riot’s patent based on u/ntguy95’s post)

What is Tribunal and why it was removed in the past?

According to the League of Legends wiki, Tribunal was first introduced in League of Legends back in May 2011. In Tribunal players were given a case that was involved in multiple negative reports to review. Riot also provided the reviewers with chat logs, game statistics, and report details to help them decide about that reported player. And based on the circumstances it was up to the players to decide whether that reported player should be punished or pardoned. And after each successful reviewing cases, players were given some kind of rewards.

However, in 2014, Riot disabled the Tribunal system stating it’s slow and inefficient” and sometimes “wildly inaccurate.”

Tribunal’s reintroduction

From the patent, it is very likely that Tribunal is making its way on League of Legends once again. And a lot of players were convinced of its return as the authors of the patent are Pendragon, a Rioter who is responsible for building a p2p player behavior system and the VP of game design.

For Tribunal’s reintroduction, there will be both positive and negative reports with a more detailed reporting system. One case will be reviewed by possibly hundreds of players for better accuracy and based on the reports the accused player will either be punished or pardoned. Each player will have a daily limit on how many cases they can review and after successfully judging the cases players will earn rewards.

Even though Riot teased the possible return of Tribunal in League of Legends with their patent, it is still uncertain whether it will actually come back or not. A lot of players also have mixed feelings about the reintroduction of the Tribunal, as some players are saying it will be good where some are straight-up not liking the system at all. And only time will tell if we will be able to see Tribunal in League of Legends once again.

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