League player explains why Nautilus Q can hit you through minions or terrain

Nautilus Q hitbox has to be the most broken hitbox in the game and now a League player has explained why this happens.

It’s nothing new to encounter Nautilus’ crazy Q hitbox that hits through minions or terrain. Its been into the game for a long time and players have been complaining about this for years now. Even many pros have issued the broken Q hit box in the pro games as well.

Riot Games gave Nautilus a VFX update in patch 10.3 where they made his Q – Dredge Line’s hitbox more visible. However, even with that VFX update, Nautilus Q hitbox is still broken and it is very common to see clips of Nautilus’ broken hitbox on League of Legends subreddit every other day.

Although it was a mystery why Nautilus Q can hit champions through minions or terrain, Reddit user u/MooseMaster3000 has now explained why this issue occurs.

Image Via u/MooseMaster3000

u/MooseMaster3000 explained the hitboxes as, the center hitbox, which can hit terrain (visually represented by the vertical anchor). And the outer hitbox, which can hit champions edge-to-edge, but will only hit minions edge-to-center (visually represented by the aura).

According to his Reddit post, Nautilus Q usually hits minions as they are very small but his hitbox is a lot easier to miss terrain and hit his opponent champions.

To clear things up, let’s consider an enemy champion as a circle. In order Nautilus to his enemy champion, he does not need to hit them with his edge-to-center red line, even if his orange aura hits the circle he is able to lend his Q on them.

And now let’s consider there is a minion beside the circle. When Nautilus throws his Q it will only hit that minion if it is hit by the edge-to-center red line and as long as the hook doesn’t hit the minions in the center the hook will pass through and hit the champion behind them who is hit by the edge-to-edge orange aura.

It’s been confusing for years why Nautilus’ hitbox work weirdly but now thanks to MooseMaster3000, now we know why his Q hitbox acts this way.

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