Riot reportedly censored Evelynn Splash and Graves cigar once again

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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After three years Riot has censored Evelynn’s Splash and even removed Graves cigar from the game once again as many players are reporting that they are encountering this issue on multiple regions.

Riot removed Graves’ cigar from the game back in 2014 due to tobacco use laws in different regions. And many players were not happy with Riot’s decision and they received a lot of backslashes from League communities because of that. However, in 2017, Riot gave Graves his cigar back.

But yesterday, Reddit user u/Takehii pointed out that, on his server, EUNE Riot Games has censored Graves cigar once again. He noticed on Graves’ overview that there is also no cigar in his splash arts anymore.

graves no cigar
Graves without cigar Via u/Takehii

Besides, Graves, Riot has also censored Evelynn Splash art as well. It is very common to see censored splash arts in Asian servers due to the risk of censorship and age restrictions. But in western regions which is very unlikely.

But, u/Takehii also pointed out that, on the EUNE server he is seeing the censor version of Evelynn’s Splash without any kind of reason. The censored version is also visible in the collection tab as well.

censor version of Evelynn's Splash
Censor version of Evelynn’s Splash Via u/Takehii

Evelynn’s original splash

Evelynn's original splash
Image Via Riot Games

But apparently, on Reddit, a lot of players are reporting that the issue is not only on the EUNE server but on other servers as well. Some players are seeing this censored version of splash arts on NA and EUW servers as well. Even I am also encountering this issue on my client as well.

League of Legends players is certainly not happy about this at all. A player said, “Please stop applying Asian censorships in other servers.” And many players think they have faced this issue in the past as well.

Riot Games also renamed Mafia/Gangster skin line to Crime City due to a cultural sensitivity issue recently.

However, Riot has not made any official statements regarding this censored issue. It could be because some kind of bug or it can be intentional as well.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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